Don’t defend a man who betrayed trust, confidence

first_imgDear Editor,I am most elated that Gobin Harbhajan has tacitly agreed that Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo has indeed forsaken his principles of frugality and lean and clean Government and that he is now definitely enjoying ‘the good life’ with his few comrades, since his letter to the press did not deny that fact.In my letter, I wrote that, “as soon as the coalition won the 2015 General Elections and he [Moses Nagamootoo] took office as Prime Minister of this country, his principles took a landslide into the abyss of egocentricity. He has focused all his efforts in self-aggrandisement and self-promotion. Nowadays his speeches are just centred about himself; anyone who listens to him can confirm this”. I have noticed that Harbhajan did not refute this.Furthermore, the Prime Minister’s representative only confirmed what I have said. From the letter written by Harbhajan, it is clear that the PM never visited any sugar estate nor did he ever ‘engage sugar workers and their families’ as claimed by the leader of the AFC, Raphael Trotman. All he did was travel with great pomp and style, ‘cutting ribbons and giving speeches’ most of which are about himself and enjoying the ‘good life’. He never visited the farmers at Black Bush Polder but met with some of them at State House in New Amsterdam during the great flood last year.As for being ‘an outstanding son of the soil’, I beg to differ. This man, as was pointed out by another letter writer, last year at the 104th anniversary of the Rose Hall Martyr claimed that sugar workers were his ‘obsession’, yet he did not have the time to visit any of them in their hour of need. In fact he had described GuySuCo as a ‘black hole’ and that sugar workers were ‘raiders of the Treasury’. Is this the hallmark of ‘an outstanding son of the soil? This ‘good man’ has surely put himself down.I wrote that he had aggressively fought against the People’s National Congress for most of his life and now he has joined them. May I add that he is now so silent about the many corrupt practices of this coalition that it makes one wonder whether this man ever stood for anything at all. This ‘outstanding son of the soil’ has never been so silent in his entire political career.Now whenever he opens his mouth it is either to talk about himself or to defend the corrupt practices of his Government. I am sure Harbhajan knows this more than I do.However, I must give the PM credit for appointing Harbhajan, a very competent person, but I do feel that he should be focusing more on doing the good job he is doing in Region Six and do not try to defend a man who has betrayed the trust and confidence of the people who once supported him and has played a major role in destroying the founding principles of the Alliance For Change.Lastly, I am curious to know whether the things which he gifted are from the Budget of his Office (taxpayers’ dollars) or came from his own pocket.Yours sincerely,Rohit Persaudlast_img

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