Join the eight advantages of Banu Hot pot duck

to join the project how to choose the optimal selection of course, Chongqing duck Hot pot franchise, which brand is good? Of course the Banu Hot pot belly.

1, before the opening of Banu Maodu headquarters to provide decoration investment Hot pot standard drawings of a


2, Banu duck headquarter orientation training Hot pot shop manager, supervisor, chef and soup division and a knife;

The Banu duck Hot pot investment headquarters sent supervisor opened

3, the lobby Houchu professional staff in the 1, to provide 15 days of service support.

4, opened within six months after joining headquarters sent monthly Banu Hot pot belly lobby, kitchen professionals to observe the whole store two meal time, found the problem, analyze the reasons, providing "a shop of a policy solution to solve the problem. More than half a year within two months a year, more than once a year for three months.

5, the company convened annually Banu tripe organized three training Hot pot franchisee, held an annual meeting, distribution in the four quarter, the company according to the registration fee charged.

6, the headquarters of the innovation in peacetime, as long as the market is recognized by customers, free to use the Banu duck immediately stores the local Hot pot, customers feel that the Banu brand strength and often eat often new.

7, for the north market, the majority of customers taste habit, Banu Hot pot condiment for all duck investment headquarters in the production and distribution of Chongqing processing base.

8, who joined the agreement in Hot pot can do: during the Banu tripe market share leader, internal management norms, to fulfill the agreement strictly franchise, in three years after the expiration of contract, according to the different level can enjoy a variety of benefits.

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