How to bring surprises to customers

a store’s business in the end is good, and the customer is a very big relationship, so that if you want to make the shop business is hot, you need to take more strategies to retain customers. In today’s society, the competition is more and more intense, so how to retain customers? This is a difficult problem in sales.

in the eyes of customers, they believe that the store is to spend money to spend, since the consumption is to be satisfied with the service. Unless the experience provided by the sales activities has exceeded the standards of the customer, that is, the unexpected surprise, they will not remember which store. read more

Open shop part-time two not wrong entrepreneurial projects

good project has been waiting for us, right now, open shop has become entrepreneurs fashion choice, but how can money, money constantly? Several women in this paper is very smart, in addition to the well-known investment way, another way to operate, unique personality shop both, interesting, and can attract many young men and women the same hobby fashion city.

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How to open a clothing store pricing

for customers, the price is a very important criterion to buy clothing. The purchase price and the price of a clothing store determines the level of a store profit. Want to improve store profits, on the one hand to reduce the purchase price, on the one hand to determine the reasonable price.

first if you do not understand the clothing fabrics and components as you say it is too low, and sometimes a lot of clothing and other industries there is a call to the added value of things. Not just look at the value of its raw materials how much money (such as the car, it costs me not to see hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands of it), if you can not get into the goods you want. read more

Millionaire test

no one would like to own the day is always poor and poor, hard life, and ultimately only a dress, which is undoubtedly a sad result. Especially in the current market environment of unlimited business opportunities, millionaires become everyone’s dream, then you can become a millionaire? And let’s take a test!

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Open home supplies store to master what strategy

may be a good living conditions, perhaps the advanced technology, in short, now the world has a number of countries have been plagued by aging. Among them, China is also a very important country. But the aging for many aspects of development problems at the same time, it also brought a big business, if we want to engage in venture investment, might cause the elderly, and the elderly to open a shop is a good choice. Of course, if you want to set up the success of the natural need to master more strategies. So, to open a home supplies store to master what strategy? read more

How much does it take to store a 150 square meter store for example

skewers business booming, for chowhound who, delicious characteristics kebab business is excellent, many novice entrepreneurs want to start. How much does it cost to open a skewer? Xiaobian to introduce you as an example of it!


] sampleThe second tier city: Shenyang

Business Hours: 5 p.m. – 2 a.m.

operating varieties: kebabs, grilled seafood and casseroles, drinks and other


] books

boss Mr. Ma said, regardless of whether the customer, as long as the shop opened the door every day to spend at least 600 yuan, rent, utilities, staff salaries, equipment depreciation…… Of course, this is just a fixed expenditure, it can be said that one eye open, they have to ponder how to earn 600 yuan. read more

The twelfth China nternational SME Fair held in Guangzhou

innovative public service platform construction work has achieved initial success in the country. Many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs here to guide, in the fierce market competition to enhance their advantages.

at the feet of shooting video, uploaded to the client, choose your love style, online payment, only 48 to 72 hours, a pair of feet to fit your own 3D printing shoes size and arch bending, will express to you. If you are not satisfied with the existing style, you can also choose crowdsourcing design, about two weeks later, you will be received by the well-known designers to create your own shoes. read more

What about the spicy hot pot

Hot pot why popular small, I personally think is one of the main reasons that can make a Hot pot pot can meet a variety of different flavors of dinner friends, let friends can get the ultimate fun at dinner. On top of the string of incense is a hot pot in Shanghai, China, a suitable for entertainment and leisure, friendship small gathering, friends dinner, with a humanistic culture of a hot pot restaurant. Mainly for the following groups:

1, college graduation season for college students graduation dinner, dinner, emotional exchange, share the feeling of parting, on the humble Chuanchuan Xiang Hot pot is a good choice, quiet environment, eating is secondary, the most important thing is to eat at the same time, can let the graduates in a pleasant mood to spend, on Hot pot Chuanchuan Xiang Qian provide rich beer drinks and other characteristics. read more

New ideas, new ideas of the characteristics of food and beverage

With the

market is growing, the catering market increasingly flourishing, only continuous innovation, constantly seeking, in order to open a new market, open new business opportunities. Today, Xiao Bian will bring you some new ideas, new ideas, in order to get more inspiration!

timing characteristics of restaurants

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