Ace arrival at Vancouver USA

first_imgBuilt in Japan, Orca Ace measures 656 ft (199.9 m) long and has a deadweight capacity of 15,495 tonnes. Designed to transport automobiles and ro-ro cargoes, the vessel features a specially designed hull shape and an improved two-stroke engine to help reduce carbon emissions.The vessel will sail to other ports on the US West Coast before arriving at its final destination in San Diego,

TPs on the move at Redcar

first_imgThe TPs, destined for the Borssele 1+2 wind farm off the Dutch coast, arrived at the terminal on ALE’s barge Sarah S. They were then loaded directly onto SAL’s heavy lift vessel Svenja using one of the ship’s own cranes, which have a combined lifting capacity of 2,000 tonnes.According to Redcar Bulk Terminal, this is the second time in one week that Svenja has berthed at its facilities to load cargoes for the Borssele wind energy read more

Increase in identity theft

first_imgRoche Bennington can blame bureaucracy for taking so long to settle a third party insurance claim after the windscreen of her car cracked outside Builders Warehouse in Tokai.“My car, a Hyundai Atos, was loaded with planks at Builders Warehouse. It was a tight fit, so we did not close the back door, but as I started the car , an employee shut the door, slamming the planks into the windscreen which cracked as a result,” said Ms Bennington, 81, of Diep River.Ms Bennington reported it to the manager, a Mr Gresskil, who said he would phone her. But he didn’t .“I phoned another number for Builders Warehouse and Tristan Kelly said she would handle it. She asked for a letter from Santam, my insurer, to state that I would not claim from them, and two quotes for the repair. Then she wanted a declaration that the car belonged to me. A few weeks later she asked for proof of registration, which I didn’t get from the dealership when I bought my car eight years ago. They have since closed and the receipt of payment I have, does not have my name on it. I sent my licence paper but that was rejected after another three weeks.“I got the impression that Builders Warehouse were stalling the application, it is now six weeks since the damage occurred. However, I find it strange that Builders Warehouse’s insurers want proof of registration, something Santam had never asked for. Tristan told me that the claim was rejected because they don’t have the registration document. Now I can’t claim from my insurer because at Builders Warehouse’s insistence I got a letter stating that I would not claim from Santam. Meanwhile, the windscreen has an even bigger crack and the fitters will not accept the quotes for the original repair as they are now too old.“I tried to get a copy of my car registration certificate at the Plumstead office, but there were so many people and I cannot stand for so long, but I’ll try another day. I have tried the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance but it took them six months to contact me by which time all was forgotten. This is all a huge strain on me. Please help.”It didn’t take long for Andries Steyn, director of marketing and innovation at Builders Warehouse, to respond.“Thank you for bringing this to my attention, my team is investigating this matter as we speak. I will make sure we respond in detail, by your deadline.” And he did.“We were initially made aware of this matter on March 12. Given that this involved a third party claim, there was an insurance requirement for further investigation to verify the facts associated with the incident. This did, embarrassingly, introduce an unnecessary degree of bureaucracy into the process. The reason for the additional information requested is based on the fact that this is considered a third party claim. Our insurers needed to confirm the vehicle belongs to the party involved, and confirm that no further claim will be processed against another insurer. We have apologised unreservedly to Ms Bennington and have also settled her claim in full. Thanks again for drawing this incident to our attention,” he said.Ms Bennington said: “Hoorah, your input is like magic, I have received confirmation that they are paying. Thank you so much for the wonderful service you give to the public. It’s good to know we have a shoulder to cry on.” Increase in identity theft Identity theft in South Africa increased by more than 200% in six years.The SA Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) found 3 600 cases of identity theft in 2014 with more recorded in 2015 and 2016.It contributed to the loss of R1bn in 2014 alone.Manie van Schalkwyk, executive director of SAFPS, said the scale of identity fraud has grown to include theft of information from cell and landline phone services; cable and satellite television services; power, water, gas and electricity services; internet and data services; medical insurance; home mortgages and rental housing, car financing, loans and government benefits.A cellular network notified a “client” he owed R21 000 across five cellphone contracts. He submitted an affidavit to dispute this and eventually the company admitted he doesn’t owe them anything.The victim said he suffered dearly for the network’s negligence. He was denied employment and is being harassed by people pushing loans to help him settle credit which he is not liable for. “People usually find out that they have become a victim of identity crime when they hear from a credit provider or debt collector about an account or debt they know nothing about,” said Mr Van Schalkwyk.“Treat your ID, driving licence and personal documents as cash. Don’t leave them lying around the house or in the car.” Shred documents before tossing them in the bin and clear mailboxes regularly, particularly if you live in a housing complex where there are multiple mail boxes in one area,” Mr Van Schalkwyk said.If you suspect that you have been impersonated, Mr Van Schalkwyk says, you should contact SAFPS which will advise you how to prove your innocence and clear your name. If you have misplaced your ID book, credit card or other identification you can apply for a Protective Registration (PR) on the SAFPS database.“Member organisations and some insurance companies have access to the SAFPS database and any identity theft or fraud will be flagged and can be prevented.” SMS the word “Protectid” to 43366 or call 011 867 2234 or 0860 101248; or email to register with the SAFPS. It’s free.last_img read more

Sir Henry Brooke’s legal aid rallying cry

first_imgBach Commission chair Sir Henry Brooke received a standing ovation at the conference following a ferocious denunciation of legal aid reforms. The retired lord justice of appeal hit out at the Treasury, policy ‘technicians’ and the ‘high priests of PR’ in calling for a cross-party solution to the unfolding disaster exposed by the commission’s recent report on civil scope cuts.Instead of the expected annual savings of £450m, he pointed out, the government is now saving £500m more.He added: ‘We cannot retrieve that colossal underspend overnight, but we identified 25 priority areas for improvement when the money is there. And an important part of our recommendations, which some commentators did not understand, was that now that the office of a tough, old-style lord chancellor is as dead as the dodo, parliament must give teeth to a new Justice Commission, to see that justice, in all its emanations, can never again become a Treasury lickspittle.’The Bach report appears to have gained little traction with ministers, with lord chancellor David Lidington offering little to suggest that wholesale LASPO reforms are under consideration during an appearance before the Commons justice committee last month.Brooke warned: ‘Unless more and more people, lawyers and non-lawyers alike, are enabled to access our report, and to study the evidence that underpins it, it may be all too easy for government spin-doctors to continue the charade that this is all about making fat cat lawyers even fatter, and that we are already spending enough.‘Any lasting solution has to be a cross-party political solution. MPs of all parties are now seeing their constituency surgeries flooded with requests for legal help because there is perceived to be nowhere else to go. They all know there is little they can do to help. Many members of the bar are being generous with their time and money, with walking, running, cycling, swimming and doing all sorts of other things to raise money for justice, but pro bono help will never be enough.’last_img read more

Arrow Video FrightFest 2020: Sky Sharks review

first_imgThe performances are universally awful, even the usually reliable horror icon Tony Todd, but that’s not what this film is about. Those who go to see Sky Sharks want to see ridiculous over-the-top action and gratuitous violence and nudity. If those are your reasons for wanting to see it, then you won’t be disappointed. Around the obvious set-pieces, which sadly doesn’t include all that much in the way of the titular Sky Sharks, the film-makers have attempted to put a story in the mix but it’s incoherent and bogged down with heavy exposition in the way of flashbacks. A team of geologists discover a Nazi warship in the Arctic and in it find machines of destruction that could be used to destroy civilisation. Dr. Klaus Richter (Thomas Morris) was involved in creating rocket powered sharks and genetically mutated undead pilots, and he’s the only person that can save humanity and stop them. With the help of his daughters Angelique (Barbara Nedeljakova) and Diabla (Eva Habermann), Dr. Richter sets about to right his past wrongs. Credit: Raven Banner Credit: Raven Banner The film’s best asset is how it looks. The budget is clearly not what the film needed but the film-makers have done their best to give the film a stylised look-and-feel that kind of works. The green screen is still obvious and the sharks look like poor CGI at times, but somehow it does actually work. The sheer gusto of the set-piece scenes has to be applauded too as they do serve up plenty of (CGI) blood and a heck of a lot of head slicing.center_img Sky Sharks is a very hard film to review with any degree of seriousness. The very nature of the film is ridiculous and it’s supposed to be a thrill ride rather than a genuinely incredible piece of art. From the bloody opening, which establishes the film’s penchant for hyper-stylised effects rather than anything that resembles realistic, through to the bonkers climax, you’ll have a hard time understanding what the hell is going on. Sky Sharks isn’t supposed to be a good film. It’s like Sharknado with a Nazi zombie twist that was made for horny teen boys that think boobs and gore are cool. I admit I did find the film entertaining, but it wasn’t a good film. I’m never going to be desperate to see it again but it did amuse me for 102 minutes. If you go in with low expectations, you’ll probably enjoy Sky Sharks much more than you;’ll expect to. Cast: Thomas Morris, Barbara Nedeljakova, Eva Habermann, Tony Todd, Lyn Lowry, Mick Garris Director: Marc Fehse Writers: Carsten Fehse, Marc Fehse, A.D. Morel Certificate: 18 Duration: 102 mins Released by: Raven Bannerlast_img read more

R&S Delivers 10,000 Software Defined Radios to Customers Across the Globe

first_imgRohde & Schwarz has successfully delivered more than 10,000 R&S M3SR software-defined radios to satisfied customers around the world. These radios were produced at Rohde & Schwarz’ Memmingen manufacturing plant. A majority of the delivered SDRs encompass the R&S M3SR Series 4400 VHF/UHF radios for Line of Sight (LoS) communications.To ensure successful accomplishment of missions, today’s secure radio communications solutions must meet extremely demanding radio frequency (RF) requirements as well as provide high operating reliability. Rohde & Schwarz’s highly modular software-defined radios (SDR) are optimized for stationary and shipborne secure voice and data communications.The plant in Memmingen is the competency center for mission-critical equipment. It is responsible for electronic module assembly, microelectronics, microwave engineering, final production, and manufacturing of test equipment for most of Rohde & Schwarz’s own products. Every SDR produced in Memmingen is compounded with the passion and precision necessary for a highly sensitive measurement device. The plant has a calibration laboratory that is accredited by the German accreditation body (DAkkS) and an antenna test chamber that is unique throughout Europe.The SDRs offer customers a wide range of system interfaces and waveforms, including standard and proprietary frequency-hopping waveforms, as well as radio communications in line with all relevant NATO standards. Military data transmission methods such as LINK11 and LINK22 are supported. To ensure that existing radio communications systems remain up-to-date, their functionality can be enhanced through subsequent software updates and using new hardware modules, if required. The SDRs are in use with international navies, and in the mobile military and civil ATC tower applications around the world. Based on the customers’ requirements, Rohde & Schwarz develops customized solutions in all phases of the product life cycle.last_img read more

Waite: Injuries are our problem

first_imgJerome Waite admits that it feels rather strange for his side, Arnett Gardens, to be sitting so deep in the points table at this stage of the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) season. The well-respected tactician pointed to an accumulation of injuries as the main reason behind his team’s underwhelming performances this season. “Yes, it is not where we normally are at this stage, but it is also the first year since I have been in charge of Arnett Gardens that we have had so many injuries, and even though it gives other players opportunities to play, they simply just haven’t been doing well enough,” Waite explained. “I believe the fact that we have been plagued with so many (injuries) is what has caused the poor run of form.” Winless run The joint sixth-placed Junglists, have failed to win in their last five fixtures and must turn things around in the short term if they are to factor at all this season. “Over 10 of our players have been on the injury list this season. We are working on those who are coming off the injury list, but they are still not up to where they need to be in order to compete in the league,” he said. According to Waite, who is also the national senior assistant coach, it’s also the first time his side has been having serious problems on the defensive end, conceding 23 goals in their 24 games this season. In order to remedy that problem, Waite said that his team simply needs to start scoring more goals. “We have to start scoring goals again and winning games. We can’t focus on anybody else right now. We have to just focus on scoring. Scoring goals is also the best way to nullify the defensive errors that result in goals,” Waite said. Arnett Gardens did go on to win the RSPL title in the 2016-2017 season after ending the preliminary round in sixth place, securing the final playoff spot. They are scheduled to play away to Reno tomorrow.last_img read more

MAN V FAT Weight Loss Tops 415kg

first_imgThe greatest loss by a single player to date is 23.6kg, equating to 3st 7lb, while the most lost in terms of their starting body weight is 14.52%.  The Community Trust’s programme is aimed at men of all ages and physical ability, who are committed to improving their health through weekly involvement in a competitive football league. Uniquely, the league is not decided on points won alone, but also pounds lost which will be noted at the weekly weigh-in. With 61 players registered, a total of 415kg has been lost to date, with four-weeks remaining of the weekly session delivered at South Bristol Sports Centre.center_img Commenting on the project, participant Chris Takle said: “The programme is one of the best things I have done for myself. In the first three weeks of the programme I was concentrating on one game of football per week, but since then I have returned to the gym and am seeing continual progress. “I am feeling a lot better for all the exercise. My work clothes are now much more comfortable to wear and I am also a diabetic and my readings have improved drastically. “My diet has changed massively and my wife and I now plan meals rather than throwing something together. I also calorie count and try to stay under 1,500 calories per day.”“The programme has been great and it has been incredible to get back into football,” added fellow player Adam Thurston. “Not only has it benefited us all in terms of weight loss but also in terms of socialising with new people – the programme has over 60 participants and they are all top blokes. “One of the main benefits incorporated within the programme is the fact you are working as a team so you almost feel under pressure to lose weight each week because if you don’t, it could be cost your team a result.“It is a great investment which doesn’t cost a lot or take up too much time and I think it would be fair to say we all look forward to Monday’s now – something you don’t often say!”last_img read more

USC Holds Saturday Morning Scrimmage

first_img Session ID: 2020-09-19:28b14d9f5a18567ed5cd0947 Player ID: videojs-brightcove-player-368446-4154135843001 OK Close Modal DialogCaption Settings DialogBeginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsDefaultsDoneClose Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.Columbia. SC — The USC football team held its second official scrimmage of the spring on an overcast Saturday morning at Williams-Brice Stadium. It was workout number 12 of the 15 allotted spring practices.The defense had the better of it on Saturday, as the offense was unable to generate any points until the team went into “overtime” situations, with the ball placed on the 25-yard line. From there, Elliott Fry booted a 43-yard field goal, Connor Mitch hooked up with Deebo Samuel on a 29-yard touchdown pass, and Michael Scarnecchia foundMatrick Belton on a 5-yard scoring pass.“I think there was some improvement on the defensive side,” said head coach Steve Spurrier. “The offense didn’t do much at all. But it was good practice. Nobody got hurt. None of the quarterbacks shined too much. It was not encouraging on the offensive side, but we’ve got one more week. Hopefully by the spring game time next week we’ll throw some completions and look like we know what we’re doing on offense.”The three quarterbacks combined to connect on just 10-of-22 passes on the day for 121 yards with one interception. Jasper Sasser picked off a deflected pass from Mitch for the game’s only turnover.“Connor Mitch held the ball too much at times and threw late at times, as did all of them,” said Coach Spurrier. “But the protection probably wasn’t all that super at times either. Hopefully we can learn from it. The offense did a lot better yesterday than they did today, but the defense did better than they did yesterday. We’ve got a lot of work to do, a lot of improvement to do.”Devin Potter paced the running backs with 17 yards on three carries.David Williams and Rondreas Truesdale each added 15 yards on the ground. Samuel (two catches for 46 yards) and Belton (three receptions for 25 yards) were the top pass-catchers.“I think we’re getting better (on defense),” said co-defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward following the workout. “We’re going against a real young offensive front. I think they’ve got two guys that have experience, so we should be doing well against those guys. We’re trying to get the system down. I think the guys are getting better. We haven’t put anything new in for about a week now and that’s a good thing. We’re repeating what we’re doing so hopefully we’ll get better at it. We’re continuing to grow daily.”Among those player who did not participate due to injury were Sherrod Pittman (leg); Jerad Washington (hamstring); Cedrick Cooper (ankle);Larenz Bryant (liver); Shannon James (hamstring); Gerald Dixon (lower leg); Cody Waldrop (knee); Mike Matulis (knee); Malik Young (ankle);Carlton Heard (hamstring); and Taylor Stallworth (pec).The Gamecocks have three practices remaining this spring. They are scheduled to work out on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons at the new practice fields, before wrapping up the spring with the annual Garnet & Black Spring Game on Saturday, April 11. Play VideoPlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration Time 0:00Loaded: 0%0:00Progress: 0%0:00 Progress: 0%Stream TypeLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1ChaptersChaptersdescriptions off, selectedDescriptionssubtitles off, selectedSubtitlescaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedCaptionsAudio TrackFullscreenThis is a modal window. The Video Cloud video was not found. Error Code: VIDEO_CLOUD_ERR_VIDEO_NOT_FOUNDlast_img read more

Celebrities, military members swarm pre-race grid

first_imgAndrew Weber, USA TODAY SportsIndyCar Series owner David Letterman walks to the starting grid before the Indianapolis 500.SPEEDWAY, Ind. — American sports events often observe moments of silence. Rarely are they completely silent.Almost inevitably, those moments of silence are interrupted by a loudmouth who feels the need to yell something.A notable exception, however, came on the grid at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, just shortly before the start of the Indianapolis 500. From a short speech by a military leader to Florence Henderson’s rendition of “God Bless America,” through a 21-gun salute and the playing of “Taps,” the front-stretch crowd stayed remarkably silent — a sign that fans were aware of the meaning of Memorial Day, even during the world’s largest one-day sporting event.Pre-race performers knew, too.“The sound check this morning was calm and OK but now there’s a lot of people so it’s going to be a little nerve-wracking,” said singer Danielle Bradbury, before singing “America the Beautiful.” “They have told me the troops are going to walk in front and face me. It’s going to be an honor for me to stand up there and be able to do that.”DALY: Fire in car dooms day before race starts Beyond the respectful pause to salute members of the military, the pre-race grid — the place where cars and fans gather to see and be seen in the hours before the command to start engines — was about as busy and hectic as ever.There was one semi-awkward moment during the pre-race festivities, as Speedway chairperson Mari Hulman George appeared to brush away a woman who leaned in to help with her traditional “start your engines” command.David Letterman, an IndyCar team owner who hosted his final late-night talk show earlier in the week, was mobbed by fans with cell phone cameras — so much so that he had to be escorted off the grid by State Troopers well before the start of the race. Letterman, a native of Indiana, got a huge ovation from the crowd before he left the grid.Meanwhile, driver Oriol Servia’s car was painted with a congratulatory message for Letterman and some team members wore commemorative T-shirts with a “top 10” list on the back (No. 8: “Seldom gets on the radio and asks Graham to ‘floor it,’ ” a reference to team driver Graham Rahal.)Another native of Indiana, NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon, also got a rousing round of applause before heading off to drive the pace car. Walking the grid with his family, occasionally interrupted by fans trying to take “selfies,” Gordon briefly met with driver Townsend Bell before Bell got into his car. Bell is running a No. 24 car with a collage in the cockpit to salute Gordon, who is retiring from full-time NASCAR duties at the end of the season.Chris Jenkins, USA TODAY SportsJeff Gordon and his children Ella Sofia and Leo on the starting grid for the 99th Indianapolis 500.Meanwhile, four-time Indianapolis 500 winner A.J. Foyt was able to amble around relatively unaccosted. Recently recovered from heart surgery, but feisty as ever, Foyt shook hands with well-wishers and warmly greeted friends on the grid.Injured driver James Hinchcliffe also was on fans’ minds, as a few wore “Get well 5oon Hinch” t-shirts, with Hinchcliffe’s No. 5 in the place of the “s.” His car, being driven by substitute driver Ryan Briscoe, also carried a get-well message for Hinchcliffe, who had to have emergency surgery on his leg after a crash earlier this month and is out indefinitely.Driver introductions, held on a stage near the famous yard of bricks at the start/finish line, provided an impromptu gauge of driver popularity. Among the biggest ovations were for Ryan Hunter-Reay, Rahal, Ed Carpenter and Marco Andretti. The strongest driver ovations were for a pair of Brazilian IndyCar veterans, Helio Castroneves and Tony Kanaan. Several drivers wore Go Pro-style cameras on the brims of their hats during introductions, presumably capturing the moment to share later.But one of the biggest ovations of the morning was reserved for a stream of military members who were paraded around the 2.5-mile oval in the back of pickup trucks before the race. After a rousing round of applause, the crowd briefly broke into a “U-S-A” chant.last_img read more