The numbers tell us that women are doing business right now, so what are they waiting for

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Abstract: more women involved in the technology industry, they developed a relationship between the greater the chance of good teachers and helpful friends. If that doesn’t make it an exciting and promising opportunity for women to start a business, I don’t know when it will be.


note: in the past ten years, led by women, with annual revenues of more than $10 million in the number of enterprises increased by 56.6%; female leading technology companies to obtain revenue is 12% higher than that of male leading technology companies. Numbers don’t lie, they tell us a truth: when women start their business. The following digital medical startup ZappRx founder and CEO Barry (Zoe Barry Zoe ·) perspective and insights:

in Silicon Valley, the technology company’s founder of the proportion of women is surprisingly low, only about 3%. As for privately-held company, the proportion of women as CEO is only 6%, the proportion of women with only a founder of only 1.3%. Today, more than half of those who receive a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees are women, why is this happening?

despite the disappointing data and the recent news headlines Pao (Ellen) to reflect the gender issues in the case of KPCB, but we also see some good news. Women in science and technology are performing well and are gaining worldwide attention. Recent data show that women LED technology companies have a higher capital efficiency, return on investment reached 35%. In the first half of 2013, the company, which was founded by women, had a 13% stake in venture capital deals, a record that was only about 4% in 2004. In other words, investors are starting to find that women’s leadership can bring more returns.


as a female entrepreneur, as a venture capital backed digital medical start-ups only founder and CEO, and before these miserable women entrepreneurs, I have experience in the technology industry to actively change the treatment of women. This makes me believe that the time is right.

women are recognized as strong leaders

like Marisa · Meyer (Marissa Mayer), Cheryl · Sandberg (Sheryl Sandberg) and · gene; rometty (Ginni Rometty) such heavyweight female leaders, has been among the C executives in charge of the list, Fortune 500 companies. Their leadership, they made the news, has been popularized by the enterprise managers female image, and "science and technology and the wider industry need more female leaders" this trend it paves the way for future. >