Three new board listed five steel electricity supplier behind a small loss of capital behind the Uni

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is still in the winter with the traditional steel is in stark contrast to the development of steel electricity supplier in full swing.

just four years, the country has accumulated a large and small steel electricity supplier of the year one hundred or two hundred. According to incomplete statistics, SteelHome (834583), steel silver electricity supplier (835092), steel net (831277), steel (834429), Primula Po shares (835136), steel electricity supplier network (831727) has landed three new board, China Electronic Commerce Limited by Share Ltd JETCO has applied for listing on the new three board, looking for the steel net in January this year, also announced the landing A shares plan within two years.

electricity supplier is the development trend. In the "Internet plus" era, ignoring the electricity supplier, enterprises will be left behind." An iron and steel workers told the interface news reporter.

relative to O2O and other electricity providers in the field, the capital of the electricity supplier of steel favored. At the end of last year, steel silver electricity supplier offering of 150 million shares of common stock in the new three directional, financing 675 million yuan; steel net, steel net has completed several plans or refinancing, expand its asset size; steel to complete the E round of financing in the primary market.

in addition to the third party platform, steel prices are not a few examples of self built electricity supplier. The electronic commerce platform of Baosteel Group, the European Yeyun, Anshan Iron and Steel Group, Hebei iron and Steel Group Hebei steel trading center, Wuhan Iron and steel company has developed the "Jiangbei Qintai e network".

China’s economic restructuring, China’s iron and steel industry deteriorating. In 2014 2015, the real estate industry suddenly downstream manufacturing industry overall decline, exacerbated the degree of iron and steel industry demand.

China Iron and steel industry association data show that in 2015, the country’s 101 large and medium-sized steel enterprises realized a total profit of -645.34 billion yuan. Flush iFinD show that 14 Listed Companies in steel industry average operating income was 44 billion 552 million yuan, an average loss of 2 billion 298 million yuan; on this basis, industry net profit rate of -5.16%.

steel market cool, 2015 steel prices have dropped to the average level in 1993. Overcapacity, declining demand, lower profit margins forced the original trading companies have to withdraw.

A survey last year by the

Chinese Metal Materials Circulation Association, the original 150 thousand steel trade business, about half out of the market, the Shanghai area nearly 70% steel trade exit. The steel trade survived, left behind – and can not carry out normal business of shell companies accounted for about 20% to 40%, can not really keep the management level before 2010.

steel trading as a result of the transfer from the line to the next line, the development of iron and steel electricity supplier failed to get rid of the big market downturn in the steel industry. 2015, the steel industry unilateral decline, the average price fell 400 yuan / ton over the previous year, which also makes steel electricity supplier pressure, the above mentioned in the new three >