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The success of the

company experience is different, the failure of the project is about the same reason.

in the business, no money, no one, the wrong direction, competition defeat, lose the entrepreneurial spirit, each one will make the company is in danger.

from the above aspects, UC has long been of vital importance mark. But from 2004 Guangzhou started, now 12 years of business history, has experienced the same change, find people, looking for direction, and the process of competition in the talent shows itself more.

someone to look back at the history of UC entrepreneurship, that is filled with luck, just stand on the trend of the outbreak of the mobile Internet traffic, so far only a natural result.

but who do not fully agree with this, although the trend and luck is indispensable, but if there is no chance of seemingly inevitable, UC may be lost in every choice. At least, Guangzhou Internet business models, Ali mobile pioneer, Ali al entertainment core flagship, is out of the question.

actually, UC12 years of business history, still looking for people in the money, looking for direction and keep entrepreneurship through a pit.


UC founder He Xiaopeng photo on 2004

money: to borrow money to pay Ding Lei

UC is one of the earliest mobile Internet Co in China, especially in Guangzhou in 2004, the mobile phone business is almost a new thing.

A part of the

UC gene from the CICA, which is one of the earliest China Internet Co, but UC’s creative staff, is the Internet gene in AsiaInfo a somewhat more "big family" type of intimacy, because in the headquarters and thousands of miles apart "AsiaInfo Guangzhou office", the staff in the family way get along with.

2004, engineer He Xiaopeng and technical men Liang Jie Guangzhou Office of CICA decided to leave the venture, entrepreneurial direction first is to build a mobile phone on the mailbox, but the gander, ancillary products, mobile browser fire accident. So this is called UC excellent company, began to target mobile browser force.

however, unexpected hot let this start-up company embarrassing a sudden increase in traffic is a great challenge to the new server, increase staff also to the company’s finances, founder He Xiaopeng was in Guangzhou to the NetEase founder Ding Lei.

2004, Ding Lei’s fame time, the Internet upstart, another new identity is the richest man in Chinese. Ding Lei in two ways to lend a helping hand: first, to provide a loan of $800 thousand, the two is to lend the NetEase server.

800 thousand was not a small number, if the angel investment plan, Ding Lei will be in the days after the UC project on the harvest of more than one hundred times.