Nine rich contest technology finance business in Shenzhen, which has brought the fire

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Only a short while ago

, Shenzhen is known as the "China Silicon Valley", but also the achievements of many outstanding Internet Co and technology companies, such as China’s largest telecom equipment manufacturers HUAWEI headquarters in Shenzhen, one of the three major Internet giant Tencent headquarters in Shenzhen. But not long ago, Shenzhen prices soaring HUAWEI intends to the relocation of the message in the Internet upload but raise a Babel of criticism of HUAWEI, although has been denied, but also caused people to Shenzhen is also suitable for the discussion of science and technology innovation.


Wen / Li Donglou (lidonglou)

in recent years, the status of entrepreneurship and innovation center in Shenzhen has indeed been completely replaced by Beijing, especially in recent years, the growth of the Internet Unicorn companies, Shenzhen is very few. Especially in recent years the most fiery entrepreneurial field of Internet financial innovation industry as an example, Shenzhen compared with Beijing is also not a small gap. In the newly established Chinese Internet Finance Association, including nine rich group, Lu Jin, peer-to-peer lending and other 47 Internet financial institutions to become the first director of the unit, the Beijing up to 22, while Shenzhen is only 7, is less than 1/3 of Beijing.

in June 17th, sponsored by nine Fujin service group "fire" 2016 Sino US science and technology financial entrepreneurship competition ShenZhen Railway Station game has just ended, which emerged many outstanding science and technology finance projects, such as networking platform for big data service points, such as second-hand valuables and pledge to provide financing services to the people of treasure loan, and committed to creating student interactive live video community study mumbo-jumbo and so on, it also changed my position as an Internet innovation center of Shenzhen weakened the impression. But, in my opinion, this nine rich US science and technology financial entrepreneurship contest held in Shenzhen, is not only able to find some of the best technology and financial business projects, but also for Shenzhen to bring some new fire as the transformation and development of entrepreneurial innovation center.

is the first Fintech (Financial Technology) innovation kindling.

in fact, and this held nine rich entrepreneurship contest held in Shenzhen, in addition to the selection of excellent project from the local signal, apparently also can transfer some new field of science and technology innovation to Shenzhen entrepreneurs. At present, the Internet banking industry after several years of development, has been from the barbaric growth to a standardized and orderly development, but also the direction of innovation has undergone tremendous changes. Prior to this, the major Internet financial platform Chinese is mainly around the user scale, transactions and other aspects of the competition, with healthy full penetration of the domestic mobile Internet industry and the focus of Internet financial innovation has focused on Technology Finance and consumer finance in two directions.

we know that, in technological innovation, nine rich traditional strengths, that is the big data driven credit risk control system and technical advantages. In fact, nine rich credit risk control technology has been in the industry leading, largely thanks.