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Abstract: in accordance with the current express company to apply for the listing process, if all goes well, in 2016, the domestic capital market will likely have four private courier companies.


July 29th evening, dowin announced that China SFC reorganization of listed companies Audit Committee announced that the company’s major asset sale and issue of shares to buy assets and raise matching funds and related transactions through conditional.

In this

, Yuantong Express successful backdoor dowin, will become the first landing A shares of the express company.

Research Institute, said, in accordance with the current express company to apply for the listing process, if all goes well, in 2016, the domestic capital market will likely be four private courier companies."

so, at this time the other three courier companies (Shun Feng, Shen Tong, rhyme up) and how the listing of


the most surprising SF, select the "stable" word pledge

May 2016, Ding Tai announced new materials holdings backdoor listing plan SF, SF holding the overall price of 43 billion 300 million yuan in the din of new material. Compared to the other three listed the SF express company, price is the highest, the outside world is also thought that SF will likely become the first domestic landing A shares of the express company.

however, just a few days ago, SF holding A shares backdoor company Dingtai new material announcement that SF holdings will divest its three financial stake in the company, which is Hefeng small loans, Le Feng Shun Cheng, factoring financing lease, the total value of 711 million 700 thousand yuan. It will also be interpreted as a security shell to sf.


in fact, with the development of the Internet to carry out special rectification of finance, many companies involved in the financial assets of the business has been shut down regulators. The most obvious case is a platform to raise public equity for the listing of three new board rejected.

according to informed sources, at present all types of financial enterprises in the new three board listing will be suspended, let alone with the Internet financial companies landing A shares, the possibility of audit is very low.

may be another factor to major asset restructuring of Listed Companies Commission released in mid June "(Draft)", which has referred to the "perfect reorganization prior access conditions, from the source specification reorganization behavior".

after the release of this provision, including listed companies in Tibet tourism, including the termination of reorganization. In order not to affect the backdoor listing process, SF choose "stable" word pledge has no ground for blame.

however, the tact from the first disclosure of backdoor programs to successful landing A shares, only 6 months and 12 days, fast. For good luck, there will be a greater sense of oppression.

then playfully.