New opportunities on the nail business nternet plus beauty industry

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New opportunities

nails big business Internet plus beauty industry

out of the group purchase dilemma, when the "Internet plus beauty" into the deeper level, many Internet companies will start a home business, which is the most lively Manicure industry.

was founded in Beaver home, almost no one thought to be Manicure teachers about home. And after the rise of this site, it seems that all the life service can come. In the creation of God carved sirloin, AFU and other well-known brands of essential oils, emphasis on the thinking of the Internet to catch up with Meng wake beaver home door-to-door service outlet. But he said the more appreciate is the rapid rise of the popularity of smart mobile phone and mobile Internet, in the past the taxi wars to train the user’s online payment habits, is the industry line service when the consumer pain points to the O2O business opportunity.

Last March

beaver home on-line, becoming the first domestic launch site Manicure service Internet company, quickly subvert the ecological environment of the beauty industry. It is understood that the platform in the start-up period, the beaver home visited Beijing more than and 50 senior Manicure shop, began to dig, and find the Manicure division in 58 city and Ganji platform, 100 Manicure first division for more than a month to recruit. Since the initial stage without user accumulation, so the teacher to give high Manicure beaver platform without subsidies, to ensure their order status next month can get a higher salary, to ensure the normal life of their own. The Manicure circle and little beaver family Manicure division team is growing rapidly in Beijing, the original "seed Manicure division", income from "platform subsidies" into "100% Commission", some people began to live a life into the tens of thousands of dollars last month.

Manicure from the industry point of view, the beaver cut off there home the next line store value, negative related workshop mode, redefines the mobile Internet era Manicure industry pattern. For consumers, stay at home and enjoy the Manicure service, there is no Manicure style a line Manicure shop can not provide, but the cost is only half of the line Manicure shop or even lower. For Manicure division, because the beaver home do not to charge them fees, income can be greatly improved, as long as the craft is good enough, can be on the network platform than before Manicure stores much higher returns.


platform is running more than a year, a beaver has registered over a million users, the business scope from the Manicure extended to beauty, beauty, hand foot care, makeup and other services. Its registered nearly 3000 kinds of craft people, the amount of single day peak single day more than 20000 single, single average price of more than $150. Following the provision of 3000 IDG low, many people’s purchasing power is still limited. Many users use a very low price to the consumer is not a beauty salon, the real face of the group, resulting in the beauty industry group purchase platform sales lot, but fixed into the proportion of users is very low, the reason is that this form of consumption is not.