Entrepreneurs said six years, the company’s net profit rose nearly 80 times, but think am very f

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90% will fail. This means that, in Seattle, a city where everyone seems to be developing, building, or starting a company, there are thousands of people who are stressed out and depressed.

Rand Fishkin used to be one of these people. 10 years ago, Fishkin founded Moz, a company that provides subscription analysis software services. Fishkin is on the job every week for up to 70-80 hours, afraid to let investors, customers and employees disappointed pressure to push him into the depths of severe depression.

I am very honest with you, after 6 years of rapid development, the company’s annual revenue from $400 thousand to $30 million after the fight, but I feel very failure." Fishkin said, "I can tell you, I still have a sense of frustration. The venture backed entrepreneurs are often so stressed, everyone wants to be able to make a shocking performance."

what kind of performance is it probably is that you have to allow investors to enjoy more than 10 times the amount of investment income.

"many Private Companies, they in the annual growth rate of 20% has been full of joy. In the venture capital industry, the growth rate of 50%-100% is only just passable. We are fortunate that in the first 6 years, Moz growth rate reached 100%."

, however, high growth has not been able to ease the anxiety of Fishkin. So, in 2014, Fishkin made a decision to resign from the company CEO. And in 2011, "Seattle Met" magazine also wrote the introduction of Moz, known as the most suitable for work and leisure business".

"I think there is an inner link between the pursuit of entrepreneurship and depression. I was in Colorado to participate in the organization and management of the Foundry CEO summit, the summit is about to end, we discuss the last topic and entrepreneurial emotions related. The host asked, "how many of you had suffered from severe anxiety or depression during the time you were in your company?" only 2 of the 26-27 people who didn’t show up. This proportion really shocked me."

Seattle psychologist Garrett Gilchrist said that this situation is very practical, mental health problems are very common in the entrepreneurial circles.

"a lot of people are feeling depressed, anxiety, stress, suffering from ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder, the main symptom is frequent, not consciously distracted) also said Gilchrist, There are plenty of people who," "people often do not know that he was suffering from the mental illness. When it comes to technology, when you’re under too much pressure, a lot of potential problems erupt."