The 6 piece is about O2O your project is the shit you

text / angel investors (micro signal: AKASHIO)

this paper is purely fictitious and any similarity is C2C (Copy to China).

"What the

community O2O, is run errands? That * Don’t bite cell run errands, to what social shit is not dead,


thirty-four year old Liu swallowed, and then said to me: "run errands this thing, there is no sense."

14 years of fire in a complete mess community O2O is the "old Liu Shuocheng meaningless".

I kind of do not listen to it, had to interrupt: "well…… The starting point of these projects is good, but some problems in practice, some of the team may be too difficult to push……"

". The starting point is not good."

"that your project is the starting point?" I did not expect such a bald, plump man Liu can use a mouth to save the community O2O, but I admire the founder make impertinent remarks temperament, it reminds me of the old L to do mobile phone.

community O2O can not be to C, must be to B. Run errands have much value? People downstairs to take the child thing, you also need to send this? O2O no significance is."

Liu said yes. Throughout the 14 years has retained community O2O, survived the legwork project instead send bottled water, bottled water, perhaps because not just "get downstairs" so easily. In addition, the purchase of bottled water frequency is relatively high, when users buy water a few days later want to get up a few days ago with the app, and the home appliance repair, decoration such as two times by using the three new mobile phone demand is not too different.


is actually a O2O insight into the nature of man, no wonder full of shit. I immediately became interested in what he was going to say. Not expect him to say how amazing idea, I just want to figure out how to do the to B O2O.

do you ask me how to do to B we do a system, the residents of the online single, online payment, when you come home from work through the store will be able to pick up goods. Because the order in advance, you do not have to worry about no goods, do not bring change."

You wait Liu

. You said it was like a big and small line of community stores, they do not do what you have to do with O2O


"we don’t open a shop! Let’s provide a system for the existing shops. You think about it, you buy something at the store, can buy what flowers? You can buy a large TV? It’s the main daily necessities. Now you do this system, as long as the coverage of the area is wide enough, a single user enough, you can find out the consumer habits."


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