After C rounds of Entrepreneurs money can not stop feeling of relief is not far away from the dead

recently, Boss hired CEO Zhao Peng in small and micro legal activities for entrepreneurs to share. About 13 experiences about money, money and the growth of entrepreneurial company founder. Boss recruits recently announced the acquisition of C1+C2 round of $28 million financing.

Five things


(1) the change did not stop, relief is not far away from the dead

in general, entrepreneurial companies have the idea after the melting of the seed, do it after the angels, A, B, C, D round, each round 24 months, 18 months, the time of the month. This textbook style seems to be nice. I am a man, do well in the industry also run deep. In this rule, and then hung up his company.

what has changed? We all know that the weather is bad, for the agency to order is not an easy thing, the decision cycle will be longer. In addition, compared with the past, and now the investment institutions are very many, you do not know what will happen to the person, this person will not be destroyed in the middle of your TS, will not drag three months do not play. To provide enough time for yourself.

(2) to be small, the price to her appetite, lock up period to short

said a recent real case, the project is good, there are three institutions have given TS. Due to the number of people watching, founder has been collapsing prices, the last one did not vote. In financing this matter, the first clear what you want in the end, next month’s rations. What price valuation, what more than 6 months of rations, these are good, but not because of these things and forget what you want to start.

in fact, in the past three or four quarters, the jump rate of investment institutions has been on the rise. One situation is that the data were found to be false investment institutions. The second case is that the investment institutions have no money.

regular lock is to do the background investigation, legal, financial due diligence, the vast majority of funds are requested to carry out third parties. If a fund, lock you 3-6 months, there must be a look at the company’s data development. Bad bargain, prices are not good, don’t worry about the other intermediate institutions to rob you. So the locking period is short.

(3) punch data, melt a round, for most of the early companies is a lie

DAU is the entrepreneur burn for you. Flush data, there were 12 months and 6 months, forage for shells, to fourth months is not. Here, my eyes emerge is a broken dream, a picture and I have talked face.

when is it possible that it is possible to get involved in a certain area of the mainstream fund?. For example, O2O. In winter it is possible. For example, the recent sharing of bicycles. However, entrepreneurs, you need to ask yourself, you are not in this field?


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