Giant flock to the content of the VR camera entrepreneurial soil mature

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although VR has decades of history, there are still many people tend to call it the first year of VR in 2016. From a certain extent and last year VR equipment blossom everywhere are not unrelated, but in 2016, VR has become the focus of the content of media and consumer attention.

not long ago, NOKIA announced the OZO VR camera to China market at the same time, Go Pro also announced the sale of Omni 360 VR panoramic camera. Although the low-end VR glasses is still the protagonist of the market, consumers are gradually on the VR content has a clear understanding. When former IT giants have flocked to the VR camera, the last one will break the threshold of VR content creation and then detonate the content of entrepreneurship? We may carry on the analysis from five angles below, the VR content of the soil


1, VR camera are frequent, prices, technology gradually mature

has received worldwide attention to technology enthusiasts from the NOKIA OZO birth, not only because of NOKIA’s star aura and the $60 thousand solution, cool appearance coupled with advanced video processing and transmission, almost all entrepreneurs to look forward to VR content.

OZO will make some high-end may not get financing or the content of the team has just started out, then the GoPro launched Omni panoramic camera is more close to the market, although not like NOKIA OZO that can be directly used for video streaming, Autopano Video editing software and specific video browsing tools can greatly reduce the technical threshold of VR video the creation of. In addition, Facebook launched last year called "Surround 360" panoramic camera, Samsung, LG and other consumer oriented groups launched VR video recording equipment, products as well as entrepreneurship is to raise public or have to market. In the Internet age, the time spent on technology from 0 to 1 is much greater than that from to N, and the speed of iteration is often shocking. There is reason to believe that, after OZO, Omni, more intelligent and cheaper VR camera is on the road.

generally speaking, VR content mainly includes games, live, video production, etc.. For the game, from online games, end tour, hand travel to the VR game is not much technical bottlenecks, which is also the reason why many game manufacturers can launch VR version in the short term. Once the VR video and live

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