Garbage station earned $2000 a month

read the article before opening the calculator:

that’s what I’ve always wanted. Engage in a server, do 100 sites.
50000IP that is, there are 25 2000IP, that is, income of $3 a day, $25 =75.

cost: rent a server 8000 a year, domain name, if you want to collect their own tired, it will buy a lot of garbage data, each of the 50 words, is 5000.

actually do not have to consider whether the 2000IP can earn $3, but to consider 3 issues.

1100 station how long to finish? Will be very tired, do 5 stations a day, to finish the 20 days, adhere to the
2, to ensure that each station has an average of 500IP, the key question is this. But it should not be difficult, when I was 10 stations on average is about 500IP
3, which GG is not K, afraid of the legendary thousand knife cut, but not illegal, should be no problem, you can’t cheat.

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