Reduction million shopping should be built from mobile phone vendors to thousands of myths

"the Internet has made me more free, and I am looking forward to the day when I can control my business through the internet." A month ago, in a free economic leaders, large-scale inspirational interview TV program, should be built so sell his free economic philosophy.

talked about the original intention to get to know the network, he said, the Internet is one of the cheapest, fastest and largest amount of information carrier, I think this carrier is the most promising."

by the unknown to become the so-called "legend" should be built only took two years time. In the meantime, Zhejiang billion Agel Ecommerce Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the control of the billion e-commerce) and its platform cumulative turnover increased to 29 billion yuan, the "expansion" of more than ten thousand times.

however, it is the speaking proud Internet "business" of the influential man, because of its "million shopping" rebate site and the "business alliance" franchise network alleged pyramid scheme, has just been police control.

is a pioneer, or breaking? Entrepreneurship is the king, or king of MLM? "Daily economic news" reporter tried to uncover your MLM should be built and his kingdom.

was a mobile phone vendor

17 years old, should be completed to give up their studies. "I think I can’t learn anything in school, but I want to exercise myself in the society." This should be built. Then, should be built a learning follow brother did a lot, then other industries, including cattle, herbs, frog to work in a factory.

"success does not need to be very famous or very competent, as long as the opportunity to seize the right, but also to achieve success in life, through the opportunity to change the life." Should be built to take the opportunity to see very important, I hope one day through the Internet to control their business." Experienced a number of industries should be built, the ultimate goal of online shopping platform.

"should be built very poor, can not afford to buy a house." Yesterday (June 13th), a person familiar with the local Jinhua billion e-commerce industry to the "daily economic news" reporter said, should be completed once started selling mobile phone vendors, whose fortune is from the shopping, the company turnover and tax suddenly showed explosive growth, as if overnight he and his company the industry have been known.

"if the business model is healthy, it should not be so fast." He thinks.

billion e-commerce staff but will be built "invention" shopping mode as "intelligent" and in the employee’s mind, should be the vanguard to the development of the country’s largest shopping shopping rebate site, and is the founder of this sales model. Employee thinks, should be of great wisdom, great courage, dedication to every thing, "we struggle together with".

At the beginning of the establishment of

billion e-commerce in May 31, 2010, 10000 shopping is just an annual turnover of 1 million 650 thousand yuan of the third party shopping guide network, the business base

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