Two directions for future development of Shanghai dragon er

(late promotion of gambling sites)

this time really love Shanghai, the pressure is not small, the first is the "Wei Zexi incident" forced love Shanghai bidding adjustment of medical industry, followed by the "gambling sites" incident makes love Shanghai the entire bidding industry to carry out a comprehensive internal reorganization, long-term bidding people also know that, some time ago love Shanghai auction account threshold was raised. All agents have the right to open an account, but in the folk each industry to spread the word: "there are policies, under the measures." Love, opening in Shanghai and now back to normal, but if there is no previous high rebate. read more

Did you cheat website link building

forum 2, such cheating, cheating, at that time can be said to be using the forum is now become fashionable for a time, webmasters link or There are plenty of people who. My own Xiaofeng lottery on my website, do the dirty thing in the registered forum account for a large number of the link in the signature, a large number of post replies, will link out, have to say to bring very good rankings for my website, is in Shanghai after the launch of the new algorithm, my lottery website soon it was right down. read more

2014 Shanghai Longfeng share conference how to improve the efficiency by optimizing the Shanghai Dra

form inserted in the article, some can form "drop-down box" appears more content, which is to be avoided.

4, do not use the

out of the society, what is the most important of course is the image?. Especially in the Internet circles, your image determines the future direction of development, but also an important factor you can survive. A website image is poor, the search engine is destined to be eliminated. Share in the 2014 National Congress of Shanghai Longfeng, daily post founder Zac emphasized to improve the user experience, users can enhance the website weight retention time, reduce the amount of bounce rate rise, browse. Really know how to do the optimization of people know, do not do to the search engines, but the ultimate goal of search engine users, website, search engine, user, website directly as the user, can be in an invincible position. read more

Meitu Xiu Xiu Wu Xinhong strategic choice was Robin Li threeListing upstart 9158 you can interact on

9158 wants to build a new social network through online, offline, interactive Cara OK.

This is not to do

said Wu Xinhong introverted, actually is a very good idea: 2000 Chinese Internet has just started, he through the domain analysis and registered to earn $3000 "gold"; after graduating from high school, was a professor at the The China Academy of Art think very artistic talent he decided to give up the University, founded its first website 520 "the main dating field. However, he quickly discovered the problem: "perfectionism kills people, and in order to ensure product excellence, I had to drag on for three months a month."". The project failed two years later. read more

How to build a website to make the website in an invincible position

site to avoid dead links, it is impossible to add a 404 page, this is nothing more than to jump page efficiently for users, the arrival of the spider, avoid the loss of users but also to avoid the loss of weight. This arrangement is to supply a convenient channel for the spider, the spider grab and included. On the Internet there is a plug-in "guess you love", this plugin is to guide the user to browse our articles, users see more, our website click rate will go up on our website, which often will see "a" and "a" such words similarly, in order to better guide the user to browse our page more. The station layout we must grasp. read more

A new month, the secret of popular keywords into the first 2 pages of love Shanghai!

5) Tag page is best not to use a new station on the line, because the initial content is not much, it will cause some tag enabled high similarity of the page, the search engine is not good impression. After the rich to enable tag polymerization of the same key articles, rich user experience.

1, a new station on the line, for the basis of good score.

, share the joy!

we all know, the "Beijing Shanghai dragon" of the word competition degree is quite high, but Shanghai Longfeng Jones in the optimization of a month later, did not expect to smooth the first two pages, although the last second pages, occasionally third pages, but it also shows that the website weight has reached a certain level. read more

According to the practice experience of Shanghai love hanging the promotion of new account optimizat

is the first step to establish a new account structure, expand the keyword selection, segmentation. According to the classification of products and services, in particular to the related categories subdivided further. Expand the words we can use some tools, such as "the love of Shanghai to promote the account within the recommended keywords tools, Google keyword analysis tools, business, webmaster statistics… "With the Excel record. The keywords were selected as "engaged in the English training industry, through the" English "word will expand the derived" English training, not related to recruitment and business English "the latter, you should give up." The last word is the next step in order to prepare for creative writing, on the part of speech keyword grouping; such as "English training institutions, English training, English training school" and "Hangzhou English training costs, the price of Hangzhou English training". read more

Google ranking factors (five) page factors (four)

yesterday, we in the Google ranking factors page factors (three) explains the page links for the influence of the rankings, the knowledge link factors which the link to the page, rather than outside the chain, I hope you pay attention to this point, we continue today in terms of page factors for Google ranking, is still ten points.

page factors

first, the content is read, read the contents usually get better rankings in Google, of course, here to read in the search engine is the main sentence fluency, a large proportion of popular vocabulary and so on, but there is a paradox, that is a lot of people think that the search engine will have the depth of the article as high quality the article here, what the situation requires specific conditions. read more

Appearance guess Links not to judge the quality of the page snapshot of time

for a search engine is always trusted sites, a small increase in the collection does not appear any influence. The article how to be collected, or can be included. But when the amount reaches a certain level, the performance will be outstanding, a snapshot of stagnation or back to file is one of the form. That the degree is? Website weight affect the boundaries of the news every day to turn, why would not be right down? The reason and reprinted in the amount still did not reach the limit. In addition, a website for a long time not to update, but also affect the snapshot update frequency. But generally speaking, weekly update web site snapshot, though there might be a few days of stagnation, but does not affect the ranking! Even, still will be fast content included. read more

Directional crowd love Shanghai League promotion optimization

the second step, the lift amount under the premise, we should pay attention to more. This requires us to be the first step in selecting the preferred keywords in a number of key words.

Keywords optimization of Third step

two. In this step, we can observe the following points:

then, we follow the previous ideas, to show the amount of hits / = material hits the material. In order to ensure there is more traffic, we must first ensure that there are enough to show, so that more people see the material information, and more people visit these materials. The first step the work is extended so optimization keywords, so as to ensure that the opportunity to show. read more