Totally legit dentist trying to clone John Lennon using his teeth

first_imgPerhaps adding more fuel to the comparison between the Beatles and Jesus, dentist Michael Zuk aims to clone John Lennon using one of Lennon’s own teeth, thus resurrecting the Beatles legend similar to how a certain savior was also resurrected.Zuk has teamed up with scientists in order to decode John Lennon’s DNA from one of his teeth, stating that if scientists think they can clone Mammoths from DNA, then John Lennon could be next. A couple of years ago, Zuk actually purchased one of Lennon’s teeth — in what was apparently a creepy item auction — for the grand sum of $30,000. Zuk has not yet revealed details regarding the plan to resurrect Lennon, but his enthusiasm does appear to make this endeavor a real thing that is happening in real life.While the tooth was still inside a live John Lennon’s mouth, it was rotting and pulled. He gave the tooth to his housekeeper back in the 1960s. From there, it lived a wondrous life for something that usually goes into the garbage: it traveled the UK on a cancer awareness tour, and made an appearance in various other charity events.Whether or not Michaek Zuk will be able to resurrect John Lennon from the dead and in a form mostly dissimilar to a zombie — and subsequently resurrect screaming fangirls from around the world — remains to be seen. However, it’s great to know that someone out there is trying to sequence dead musicians’ DNA. Check out the webpage dedicated to the project for more information.last_img read more