What to Stream on Hulu This Weekend

first_imgStay on target Disney+ Gets Fox Movie Remakes, Hulu/ESPN Bundle‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ Becomes Mostly Harm… Hulu has a lot to offer, however, deciding what to watch on the platform isn’t always easy. If you need help choosing a flick for your next movie night, you’ve come to the right place: We’ve picked the top documentaries, TV series, and movies to stream on Hulu from Aug. 16 to Aug. 18. Puzzling magicians, trippy recoveries, and dark secrets will probably sabotage your weekend plans, because you’ll want to stream Hulu all day and night.DogmanMarcello is enjoying life in his small Italian town until he is forced to join a local bully’s criminal schemes. In the movie Dogman, he sets out to protect his reputation through an act of vengeance that might come with threatening consequences.Stream it HereRattlesnakesAn alleged multi-way affair turns deadly for one man in the movie Rattlesnakes: Once the accused guy is taken hostage by three men, he soon finds himself in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.Stream it HereZoo-HeadSci-fi takes a dark side in the flick Zoo-Head, where an addict is forced to relive the same day on repeat during an experimental rehabilitation program. The memory-looping dilemma becomes even more trippy when the recovery process doesn’t seem to be working.Stream it HereSharkFestMissing Shark Week? You can stream SharkFest to see your favorite predator in-action and learn about why these marine animals are beautiful, dangerous, and important to our oceans’ ecosystems.Stream it HereThe Amazing JohnathanDying magician? Not so fast. In The Amazing Johnathan Documentary, filmmaker Ben Berman challenges you to break apart illusions and the truth throughout puzzling scenes.Stream it HereI Am the NightFauna Hodel was given away by her mother years ago, and now, she wants to investigate the secrets of her past in the thriller series I Am the Night. Hodel finds out that she might be on a path that’s dangerously close to an infamous Hollywood gynecologist connected to a series of murders that shook the ’60s.Stream it HereThe ActGypsy Blanchard (Joey King) realizes that her mother is a toxic force in her life in The Act. After she finds out that her mother was lying about her age, medical condition, and mental state, Blanchard thinks about doing the unthinkable to sever ties with her.Stream it HereMore on Geek.com:Here’s Everything Coming to Hulu in August 2019Disney Owns Hulu Now, TooMarvel’s ‘The Offenders’ Brings a New Superhero Team to Hululast_img read more