Modern Indian history

first_imgThe 1857 Uprising was the culmination of the recurrent big and small local rebellions that had occurred in the preceding hundred years of British rule.Rebellions occurred against the oppressors during that time were:1) Led by Shariatullah Khan and Dadu Mian, Farazi Movement (1838-1848) was the first ever no-tax campaign against the British.2) Wahabi Movement (the 1830s-1860s) was primarily religious in its origin and became class struggle in some places.3) Peasant revolts took place against aggressive and assertive economic policies which devastated traditional agrarian system of India and deteriorated the condition of peasants.4) The British officials brought with them traders, moneylenders, zamindars and merchants that resulted in the Santhal Rebellion (1855-57).5) Sanyasi Rebellion and Chuar Uprising in Bengal and Bihar in the 1760s, 6) The Faqir and Sanyasi Rebellions (1770–1820s) 7) The Kol Uprising (1831-1832) 8) The Mappila Uprisings (1836-1854) were other such occurrences.There were over 40 major rebellions excluding hundreds of minor ones from 1763 to 1856.last_img read more