Dominica Bar Association on Passing of Sandra Julien, Attorney-at-Law

first_imgThe Dominica Bar Association wishes to extend its deepest condolences to the family, in particular, the mother and siblings, and friends of Ms. Sandra Julien who passed away today, Sunday, 17th May 2020, after a recurrent struggle with a debilitating illness. Ms. Sandra Julien was a lawyer and member of the Dominica Bar. She held the post of the Registrar at the Companies and Intellectual Property Office in the Public Service.Ms. Julien was called to the Dominica Bar on the 2nd day of November 2001 and worked as a legally qualified professional in the Public Service since then save for a brief period when she worked overseas. She was appointed Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property in or about 2009 and has served in that position commendably.Sandra Julien was soft spoken and best known by her colleagues for her calm, measured and pleasant manner. She was a very good listener and often demonstrated the ability to engage any audience in empathetic conversation for extended periods with a genuine and sincere expression that conveyed the words “I hear you, I understand”. Nothing seemed to get Ms. Julien flustered. She was well-liked and well-respected among the legal fraternity.As Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property, Ms. Julien demonstrated professionalism, competence, diligence, confidence and a pleasant disposition. Her consistent willingness to assist attorneys and laypersons who sought services at the Companies and Intellectual Property Office generally rendered the outcome for these persons, a productive one. In a very understated manner, Ms. Julien demonstrated great leadership in her appointed office. She was always open to suggestions on how things could be done better and she inspired her staff to serve the public well. She appeared to have a close and respectful working relationship with those under her supervision. Some of the words that her staff members used to describe her included “like family”, “loving”, “caring”, “easy going”, “highly respected” and “down-to- earth”.Ms. Sandra Julien was well respected among her peers in the regional and international Intellectual Property Offices and her advice was frequently sought by them.She accepted her health diagnosis without complaint and sought treatment with a sense of purpose and positiveness; she never gave up; she never sounded down and defeated; she always expressed hope. That was on full display, even on what we now know were her last days, when members of the Dominica Bar Association visited her at the hospital on Thursday, 14th May 2020. She spoke with clarity, confidence and optimism. She appeared happy for the visit and did not utter a word of complaint about her condition.Throughout her illness, Sandra Julien demonstrated fortitude, courage, faith, gratitude and optimism. Most remarkably, during this undeniably challenging period of her life, she continued to provide guidance to the Companies and Intellectual Property staff and others who requested her help, a testament of her generosity and commitment.Sandra Julien will be deeply missed, no doubt by her family and friends, but also by her staff, colleagues and those who often sought services at the Companies and IntellectualProperty Office. Her passing is a great loss to the legal fraternity not just in Dominica but in the region. However, as people of faith, we believe that she is in a better place and in divine comfort with her Maker. Sandra Julien is gone physically from this world, but she will live on in the memories of those of us who were fortunate enough to have known her and interacted with her.May the soul of Sandra Julien rest in blessed and eternal peace.May the family of Sandra Julien be comforted by their faith in and love of God and by the knowledge that Sandra touched the lives of countless persons in a very positive way, and she will live on forever in our hearts and minds.The Dominica Bar AssociationIssued Sunday, 17th May 2020 Tweet Sharing is caring! Share Sharecenter_img Share LocalNews Dominica Bar Association on Passing of Sandra Julien, Attorney-at-Law by: – May 18, 2020 381 Views   one commentlast_img read more

Old Uniforms That Are Better Than Their Current Uniforms

first_img Prev SportsLogos.Net Posted May 8, 2017 503 12,948 15 vintage uniforms 13 BenLueckDesigns Link to post Members 908 posts Vamos Hector! 4,016 posts Sports Logos Posted May 8, 2017 Next 2 Members 4 987 Share on other sites 1 Location:Atlanta, GA hockey week hockey week Sheriff of Planet Funkatron BenLueckDesigns Location:Augusta,GA Sign in to follow this   15 Posted May 8, 2017 Posted May 8, 2017 I’ll take the easy route and say the old Capitals threads. They aren’t the best jerseys in the world but I’d say they edge out the current rendition. 503 0 Share this post 2 Share this post Share this post 4,499 Link to post Members BenLueckDesigns 86 Link to post 22,390 posts 2 7 Link to post Forums Home Share on other sites 1 DTConcepts TheRicSlick 4 minutes ago, hockey week said: Posted May 8, 2017 VancouverFan69 Members Loyal Tank Commander 775 posts prolix proletarian All Activity TJSC All Activity Posted May 8, 2017 Posted May 8, 2017 Posted May 8, 2017 844 BenLueckDesigns Brass 261 Share this post Location:Ininananpolis, Ininana Favourite Logos:Denver Broncos Pre-1997, Kansas Jayhawks Primary, UNC Primary 987 0 Members branding Share on other sites On this board, it’s going to literally be “all of them”. So let’s just wrap it up now, it’s ALL OF THEM. Share on other sites By BenLueckDesigns, May 8, 2017 in Sports Logo News 3,326 Share this post 4,272 Brass 2 Members Posted May 8, 2017 Don’t get me started. 4 Dnice 5,089 posts Posted May 8, 2017 40 minutes ago, DNAsports said: 3 As a hawks fan I have to say I prefer our current ones. I love those to death but they are out dated.  2 Members The quality of the Senators’ sweaters has been on a half life since their inception, the one saving grace being the 2011 heritage (which is de facto retired unless they bring it back for 2018-19) Members Next 314 503 Page 1 of 5   844 12 844 1,294 12,948 @BenLueckDesigns, there is no specific thread on that topic because it is a theme that pretty much sneaks it’s way into every single thread here anyway. It’s pretty much universally agreed upon that most teams that have changed their look used to look better than they do now. I think that a more interesting question would be “What teams look better now than they ever have?” 4,499 11 3 4 1,758 Share this post 4_tattoos Thread here (maybe the mods should merge), along with a similar thread about current looks that are better than vintage identities. I’d like to see more posts in the latter, to demonstrate that we aren’t all nostalgia-obsessed. 15 Share this post jerseys Share on other sites Recommended Posts Link to post Posted May 8, 2017 1 Old Uniforms That Are Better Than Their Current Uniforms classic uniforms Link to post The Mellow Midori VancouverFan69 2,054 2,084 Share on other sites Share on other sites Location:Vancouver, BC 2,054 Yeah, every old look has their fans here, and eventually all old looks get posted in threads like this (regardless of their actual quality). Besides, there’s already a thread for it: Link to post Members Prev 0 Share this post Share this post 314 Members Pun intended? 35 Old Uniforms That Are Better Than Their Current Uniforms Share on other sites 1,089 posts 221 86 261 8 221 Bathysphere 15 Share this post 4,272 Share on other sites Memberscenter_img Posted May 8, 2017 Favourite Logos:Canucks: Johnny Canuck, Stick ‘n RinkNHL: Flaming C, North Star N, CH, Chief Black Hawk, Purple and Gold Crown, 35-point Leaf, Red Winged WheelMLS: Whitecaps current and ’79 vintage Forums Home 12,948 Bathysphere TheRicSlick Favourite Logos:MSU Spartan Head, Kansas Jayhawk’s new rebrand, TB Buccaneers 97-13 primary, Jordan era Wizards logo,Charlotte Bobcats, Cubs 15 5 Atlanta falcons, 1966-2002, I’d take any of em. Members Followers 6 2,342 posts Posted May 8, 2017 2,084 25 posts Posted May 8, 2017 6,553 posts Share on other sites Share this post 3 tulanebc Link to post generalshepherd141 We’re on to 2020. 1,294 Page 1 of 5   Share on other sites 4_tattoos 35 Link to post Location:Parts Unknown TJSC Members 1,837 posts Go To Topic Listing Share on other sites Share this post Location:Boulder, Colorado Posted May 8, 2017 987 Members Share this post Location:America Link to post 4,499 Share this post 15 Members Members DNAsports 3,722 posts Ferdinand Cesarano 35 25 posts 616 Link to post Jojj DNAsports 2 hours ago, hockey week said: Share on other sites Timeless and distinctive classics. Share this post generalshepherd141 Share on other sites 4,272 After searching the site for this thread and coming up with surprisingly nothing I’ll start it off. What teams old/classic/vintage uniforms do you prefer over their current ones? Posted May 8, 2017 Sports Logo News Share on other sites Members 4 Share this post Sports Logo News 5 616 Michael Bolton They aren’t the best jerseys in the world but I’d say they edge out the current rendition 7 Followers 6 Jojj Share this post Link to post This topic is now closed to further replies. Sports Logos 3,326 On this board, it’s going to literally be “all of them”. So let’s just wrap it up now, it’s ALL OF THEM. SportsLogos.Net Old Uniforms That Are Better Than Their Current Uniforms TorinK92 On this board, it’s going to literally be “all of them”. So let’s just wrap it up now, it’s ALL OF THEM. Link to post Members Members 616 Link to post Members 2 Share on other sites 300 posts Link to post SFGiants58 3,326 Posted May 8, 2017 314 5,338 posts If I’m blind and this thread does already exist please comment and I’ll take this one down. 54 minutes ago, BenLueckDesigns said: 5,172 posts Michael Bolton Posted May 8, 2017 2 Link to post Share this post Link to post Location:somewhere in Kansas… Share on other sites Oh, that’s easy. Posted May 8, 2017 Location:Ottawa tulanebc Posted May 8, 2017 2,054 Share on other sites 163 posts 1,758 1 2,084 Sign in to follow this   Link to post Share this post Share this post Dnice 221 Totally agreed. However, despite that, I have an easy one. 1,294 Link to post Ferdinand Cesarano 1,758 9 2 1,404 posts TorinK92 Share on other sites Location:Orlando, FL DTConcepts uniforms 261 Location:USA 5 Location:New York Link to post Magic Dynasty SFGiants58 1 86 5,735 posts Magic Dynasty Usually hungover 2 posts Share on other sites 379 postslast_img read more

Miocic or Cromier – who will be the best of all…

first_imgA heavyweight fight between Stipi Miočič and Daniel Cormier is expected on Sunday. The media have already crowned the winner of this duel as the best UFC heavyweight of all time. What have the experts said about the upcoming duel?This will be Mitchicch and Cormier’s third fight. The score now stands at 1: 1. Cormier won the first duel in the first five minutes, although until the decisive blow it could be said that Miočič was better. In the second duel, Cormier was better in the first three rounds, but then Miočič’s corner came up with a solution to attack Cormier’s body more, which resulted in victory.There is another trump card in Cormier’s arsenal, which he has used little against Mikochi so far, and that is his high-level free fight or “reslings”. Cormier himself makes no secret of the fact that he intends to place more emphasis on this element in the forthcoming battle.There is no doubt that Cormier is superior to Miočič in the elements of free struggle, who is not a puppy in the ground floor. Therefore, there is reason to believe that in the upcoming duel Cormier could be the one who comes up with a new battle plan and eventually wins. As Cormier himself has repeatedly said, this struggle will be his last, whatever its outcome. But there is no denying that Miočičs also looks great in the training videos published!If there has been a strong “50/50” fight lately, then it definitely promises to be this one. But what are the experts’ predictions then?Alekss Balentains (“Bleacher Report”)“Part of Cormier’s collapse in previous rounds of champions was the fact that he stopped using elements of free fight. Given that Daniel now has time to look back and analyze what happened, Cormier could use tactics based on very free elements. It could also be changing circumstance, “wrote Balentain.Madar Berthold Flemin (MMA wrestler at Cage Warriors)Madars Bertholds Fleminas visited the podcast “What’s in the Square, It’s on the Tongue” on Thursday. One of the topics we talked to about the wrestler was the upcoming fight between Mocicchi and Cormier.“I think Cormier is much better than Mitchic in every way. Both on the ground and in posture. But Mitchic has the fact that he can be dragged into terribly ‘deep waters’ and he can make the necessary changes, as he did in the last fight. Definitely “It’s going to be an interesting fight, but I’m putting my money on Cormier,” Flemin said.Many wrestlers have revealed their thoughts on the upcoming fight in various foreign media. For example, Justin Geichi, Kelvin Gastelum, Gilbert Burns Gunnar Nelson, as well as Lithuanian Modest Bukauskas have said that they could win in Cormier, but none of these wrestlers think it will be very convincing.Alexander Volkanovsky (UFC heavyweight division wrestler)Unlike his other brothers, Alexander Volkanovsky believes that Miočič will triumph in the expected battle: “I think that most likely Stipe. He will come to this fight better prepared and motivated.”Trents Reinsmits (“Forbes”)Forbes viewer Trent Reinsmith is also in Cormier’s “camp.” Although most experts believe that Cormier’s “reslings” will be decisive in the upcoming fight. Reinsmith believes that Cormier will kill his opponent.“Cormier has won 10 of 22 career victories with a knockout. One of these victories brought him the” Best Performance of the Evening “award. It was directly against Miočič … Two of Miočič’s three losses are just after the knockout. The fact that “Cormier is leaving his last professional MMA fight. I think he will be more focused than ever. Cormier lost last fight due to correctable mistakes. I don’t think Daniel will repeat those mistakes,” Reinsmith predicted.Edgar Skriver (“Karate Combat” champion)The “Apollo” portal contacted Edgars Skrīvers, one of the leading representatives of Latvian martial arts, about the fight between Kormje and Miočič.“I think there will be an interesting fight again. Cormier, as I understand it, is the last fight of his career, so I think he will have got all the strength to put them out in this fight. Personally, I’m for DC [Kormjē]. It would be cool if he won and went with the title. If the fight reaches the decision of the judges, then DC will win, “explained Skriver.However, the Latvian karatist did not deny that Miočič also has a good chance: “If the fight ends with a slaughter, then it could be Miočič, who hit exactly. He has heavy hands and blows in general. so – if the fight reaches the decision of the judges, then DC will win, but if we talk about the slaughter, then Miočičs. “Although experts are in favor of Cormier’s victory and going to sunset with a belt around his waist, there is no doubt that no one would be surprised by Mitchic’s victory. Who will then be crowned the best UFC heavyweight of all time? MMA fans will be able to find out very soon, on the early morning of August 16. The UFC 251 main card is scheduled to start at 5 Latvian time, which means that Miočič and Cormier could go to the octagon after 7.Follow Apollo as well Instagram – everything exciting, beautiful and important in one place!last_img read more

Nissan Adds Albon To Formula E Driver Lineup Joins Buemi

Check Out The Works BMW Formula E Car The 22-year-old Anglo-Thai is currently third in the F2 standings with e.dams’ non-electric arm DAMS.“The level of competition in the series is intense, and I’m looking forward to testing myself against some of the best drivers in the world,” Albon said.“Electric street racing will be a new challenge for me, but working with Sebastien as my teammate will be a huge help, as he has set the benchmark for performance in the series.”Nissan is taking over the e.dams entry from its sister brand from the 2018/19 season, and announced earlier this year that it would be dispensing with Nicolas Prost as Buemi’s teammate.The announcement of Albon’s drive was also official confirmation that Buemi would be staying on through the Renault to Nissan transition as expected.Team principal Jean-Paul Driot said: “Sebastien has been an important part of the e.dams team since our first Formula E race four years ago in China.“We know Alex well from his performances with DAMS in Formula 2, and we’re excited to bring his talent into the Formula E championship.”Nissan e.dams had been linked to an array of other drivers since Prost’s exit was announced, and recently confirmed it had been in talks with NIO FE racer Oliver Turvey. Source: Motorsport Watch A Tesla Race A Superbike, Formula 1 Car, Jet, Airplane & More Source: Electric Vehicle News Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on September 27, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News Sims Joins da Costa In BMW Formula E Line-up Albon has already had an FE test with the team when it was running as Renault’s works operation.More Formula E News Nissan e.dams has picked Formula 2 frontrunner Alexander Albon for its debut Formula E season, alongside 2015/16 champion Sebastien Buemi. read more