The richest holiday program in Istria “Advent Poreč” announced

first_imgFree skating rink, Christmas fair, more than twenty concerts and numerous facilities for all ages will mark the richest holiday program in Istria – Advent Poreč.Advent Poreč will be held on Matija Gubac Square from December 6, 2016 to January 8, 2017, while the Poreč free skating rink will remain open until January 15. “Listening to the wishes of our fellow citizens, the City of Poreč-Parenzo, thanks to the synergy of public and private sector, this year organizes a real Advent in our city, which will bring the people of Poreč and all guests an authentic Advent atmosphere. Through a rich program and daily activities, the City, together with partners and co-organizers, will provide free facilities and a handful of entertainment for all visitors. ”Said Perušić, Deputy Mayor of Poreč, and added that Advent chose the beautiful location of Matija Gubac Square in the old town to bring the people of Poreč back to the most beautiful part of the city.In addition to the free skating rink, concerts of Night Express, Gustaf, Detour and many others, and weekend events with free tastings of desserts, wine and oil, the organizers made a special effort to enrich the Christmas fair which will adorn white wooden houses, white wooden pavilion standard stage, and there is also the occasional decoration of the Christmas fair with artificial snow, a specially decorated photopoint and much more. “In addition to the fact that all events during Advent will be free, we have provided promotional prices for food, drinks and desserts, as well as a train from the Great City Parking to Advent Poreč”Concluded Persuric.Vlatka Ilečić Arklinić, head of destination product development at Valamar Riviera, said that Valamar is very pleased to be part of the team that is launching and organizing one of the most beautiful events in Poreč for the first time in many European cities – Advent in Poreč, adding that they are sure Advent in Poreč with its rich content, which is completely free, will attract not only the citizens of Poreč, but also a large number of guests. “As a company that has an active role in supporting and initiating the development of cultural, gastronomic, sports and entertainment offerings, as well as involvement in the life of the local community, Valamar is especially happy to make its capacities available during this event and we are fully involved in the organization. They provided Poreč and its guests with a true, true Advent experience, “he points out Ilečić Arklinić adds that Valamar will have three Riviera hotels, Crystal and Diamant, open due to Advent.Dean Krizmanić, project manager at the Blue Lagoon, announced that their company is preparing one of the main attractions of Advent – a free skating rink. Thus, in the period from December 6, ie from the day of St. Nikola until the end of the winter holidays, January 15, all visitors will be able to enjoy skating every day with free equipment rental. “In addition to skating, for additional fun on the ice, we have designed a variety of programs for all ages – disco parties, fun animations and dancing and even ice hockey. Coaches will be available to all visitors to take care of additional safety and entertainment. We especially invite all those who have not had the opportunity to try ice skating so far, because a free skating school awaits them in Poreč. ” concluded Krizmanić.Rich program check on or on Facebook pageADVENT PROGRAM IN POREČlast_img read more

Old Uniforms That Are Better Than Their Current Uniforms

first_img Prev SportsLogos.Net Posted May 8, 2017 503 12,948 15 vintage uniforms 13 BenLueckDesigns Link to post Members 908 posts Vamos Hector! 4,016 posts Sports Logos Posted May 8, 2017 Next 2 Members 4 987 Share on other sites 1 Location:Atlanta, GA hockey week hockey week Sheriff of Planet Funkatron BenLueckDesigns Location:Augusta,GA Sign in to follow this   15 Posted May 8, 2017 Posted May 8, 2017 I’ll take the easy route and say the old Capitals threads. They aren’t the best jerseys in the world but I’d say they edge out the current rendition. 503 0 Share this post 2 Share this post Share this post 4,499 Link to post Members BenLueckDesigns 86 Link to post 22,390 posts 2 7 Link to post Forums Home Share on other sites 1 DTConcepts TheRicSlick 4 minutes ago, hockey week said: Posted May 8, 2017 VancouverFan69 Members Loyal Tank Commander 775 posts prolix proletarian All Activity TJSC All Activity Posted May 8, 2017 Posted May 8, 2017 Posted May 8, 2017 844 BenLueckDesigns Brass 261 Share this post Location:Ininananpolis, Ininana Favourite Logos:Denver Broncos Pre-1997, Kansas Jayhawks Primary, UNC Primary 987 0 Members branding Share on other sites On this board, it’s going to literally be “all of them”. So let’s just wrap it up now, it’s ALL OF THEM. Share on other sites By BenLueckDesigns, May 8, 2017 in Sports Logo News 3,326 Share this post 4,272 Brass 2 Members Posted May 8, 2017 Don’t get me started. 4 Dnice 5,089 posts Posted May 8, 2017 40 minutes ago, DNAsports said: 3 As a hawks fan I have to say I prefer our current ones. I love those to death but they are out dated.  2 Members The quality of the Senators’ sweaters has been on a half life since their inception, the one saving grace being the 2011 heritage (which is de facto retired unless they bring it back for 2018-19) Members Next 314 503 Page 1 of 5   844 12 844 1,294 12,948 @BenLueckDesigns, there is no specific thread on that topic because it is a theme that pretty much sneaks it’s way into every single thread here anyway. It’s pretty much universally agreed upon that most teams that have changed their look used to look better than they do now. I think that a more interesting question would be “What teams look better now than they ever have?” 4,499 11 3 4 1,758 Share this post 4_tattoos Thread here (maybe the mods should merge), along with a similar thread about current looks that are better than vintage identities. I’d like to see more posts in the latter, to demonstrate that we aren’t all nostalgia-obsessed. 15 Share this post jerseys Share on other sites Recommended Posts Link to post Posted May 8, 2017 1 Old Uniforms That Are Better Than Their Current Uniforms classic uniforms Link to post The Mellow Midori VancouverFan69 2,054 2,084 Share on other sites Share on other sites Location:Vancouver, BC 2,054 Yeah, every old look has their fans here, and eventually all old looks get posted in threads like this (regardless of their actual quality). Besides, there’s already a thread for it: Link to post Members Prev 0 Share this post Share this post 314 Members Pun intended? 35 Old Uniforms That Are Better Than Their Current Uniforms Share on other sites 1,089 posts 221 86 261 8 221 Bathysphere 15 Share this post 4,272 Share on other sites Memberscenter_img Posted May 8, 2017 Favourite Logos:Canucks: Johnny Canuck, Stick ‘n RinkNHL: Flaming C, North Star N, CH, Chief Black Hawk, Purple and Gold Crown, 35-point Leaf, Red Winged WheelMLS: Whitecaps current and ’79 vintage Forums Home 12,948 Bathysphere TheRicSlick Favourite Logos:MSU Spartan Head, Kansas Jayhawk’s new rebrand, TB Buccaneers 97-13 primary, Jordan era Wizards logo,Charlotte Bobcats, Cubs 15 5 Atlanta falcons, 1966-2002, I’d take any of em. Members Followers 6 2,342 posts Posted May 8, 2017 2,084 25 posts Posted May 8, 2017 6,553 posts Share on other sites Share this post 3 tulanebc Link to post generalshepherd141 We’re on to 2020. 1,294 Page 1 of 5   Share on other sites 4_tattoos 35 Link to post Location:Parts Unknown TJSC Members 1,837 posts Go To Topic Listing Share on other sites Share this post Location:Boulder, Colorado Posted May 8, 2017 987 Members Share this post Location:America Link to post 4,499 Share this post 15 Members Members DNAsports 3,722 posts Ferdinand Cesarano 35 25 posts 616 Link to post Jojj DNAsports 2 hours ago, hockey week said: Share on other sites Timeless and distinctive classics. Share this post generalshepherd141 Share on other sites 4,272 After searching the site for this thread and coming up with surprisingly nothing I’ll start it off. What teams old/classic/vintage uniforms do you prefer over their current ones? Posted May 8, 2017 Sports Logo News Share on other sites Members 4 Share this post Sports Logo News 5 616 Michael Bolton They aren’t the best jerseys in the world but I’d say they edge out the current rendition 7 Followers 6 Jojj Share this post Link to post This topic is now closed to further replies. Sports Logos 3,326 On this board, it’s going to literally be “all of them”. So let’s just wrap it up now, it’s ALL OF THEM. SportsLogos.Net Old Uniforms That Are Better Than Their Current Uniforms TorinK92 On this board, it’s going to literally be “all of them”. So let’s just wrap it up now, it’s ALL OF THEM. Link to post Members Members 616 Link to post Members 2 Share on other sites 300 posts Link to post SFGiants58 3,326 Posted May 8, 2017 314 5,338 posts If I’m blind and this thread does already exist please comment and I’ll take this one down. 54 minutes ago, BenLueckDesigns said: 5,172 posts Michael Bolton Posted May 8, 2017 2 Link to post Share this post Link to post Location:somewhere in Kansas… Share on other sites Oh, that’s easy. Posted May 8, 2017 Location:Ottawa tulanebc Posted May 8, 2017 2,054 Share on other sites 163 posts 1,758 1 2,084 Sign in to follow this   Link to post Share this post Share this post Dnice 221 Totally agreed. However, despite that, I have an easy one. 1,294 Link to post Ferdinand Cesarano 1,758 9 2 1,404 posts TorinK92 Share on other sites Location:Orlando, FL DTConcepts uniforms 261 Location:USA 5 Location:New York Link to post Magic Dynasty SFGiants58 1 86 5,735 posts Magic Dynasty Usually hungover 2 posts Share on other sites 379 postslast_img read more