Namco Bandai release Ridge Racer 3D gameplay footage

first_imgAs the release date of the 3DS gets ever nearer, develoeprs are starting to release more footage of the games we can expect to see on, or soon after launch.Racing fans will want to see Ridge Racer 3D in action, and Namco Bandai hasn’t disappointed with a 2 minute gameplay video appearing online today.AdChoices广告Although we can’t view it in 3D, the important thing to note here is how fast the game is running and the detail of the backgrounds, models, and effects. We have to admit, it’s looking pretty good and lives up to the screenshots we saw last month.The game moves along at a fast pace, the environments and models are detailed, and there’s even a few effects in there for spray and debris on the screen.I decided that my launch day game was going to be Pilotwings Resort 3D, but if more videos start appearing as good as this one, I might be putting down a few more pre-orders.via CVGlast_img read more