South Stream Offshore Construction to Start Soon

The Supervisory Board of Directors of South Stream Transport B.V. has met in Amsterdam to discuss progress of the South Stream Offshore Pipeline. The Supervisory Board was updated on preparations for construction of the first two underwater pipelines.Activities to construct the first two lines through the Black Sea are ongoing. The first pipes for the South Stream Offshore Pipeline were delivered to the Port of Burgas in Bulgaria in May 2014.In June 2014, South Stream Transport received the Russian onshore construction permit and preparations for the construction of micro-tunnels and landfall facilities in Russia are underway.Offshore construction of the first line is to start in autumn 2014, when the pipe-laying vessel Castoro Sei will start welding pipes together at the Port of Burgas.Press Release, July 09, 2014 read more

The Fisherman: Fishing Planet launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

first_imgIf you’re a fan of fishing and don’t have the time to actually do it in reel life (get it!?) or if you’re the sort of gamer who wants to get involved in fishing without having to endure the elements, The Fisherman: Fishing Planet could be just the game you’ve been looking for.This is the premium version of the free to play Fishing Planet that has proved very popular. The premium version comes with lots more unique features that are unavailable in the free version.View The Fisherman: Fishing Planet launch trailer below:The premium version of Fishing Planet, which sets the standard for fishing simulators and already boasts 7 million players, combines all the content released to date in one package: the equivalent of more than 35 DLCs as well as features exclusive to this premium version of the game. By moving from a free-to-play model with paid content to a premium model, it guarantees players will be able to enjoy a complete and immersive experience.The Fisherman – Fishing Planet content:143 species of fish with realistic behaviour19 beautiful water locations with authentic backgrounds and vegetationThousands of tackle combinations possible, each with unique propertiesDynamic weather with a day/night cycle and different seasonsOnline competitions playable solo or co-op, with trophies and ranking systemIf you’d like more of an insight into the game check out our video below which shows the first couple of tutorials.Exclusive premium content includes:1 new waterway:  La Creuse, in France1 new fishing technique: trolling4 new fish species to catch: Common Nase – La Creuse, FranceEuropean Weatherfish – Lesní Víla Fishery, Czech RepublicSterlet – Akhtouba River, RussiaSpotted Gar – Mudwater River, Missouri, USA2 new motorboats: Garry Scott Taurus boat and the Flaggmann Vega boat.The Fisherman: Fishing Planet is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.View the dev diary of The Fisherman: Fishing Planet below:last_img read more