Bundesliga Hamburg with a hardfought victory

HSV Hamburg won the opening game of the 6th round in the Bundesliga by beating 29:25 Bergischer away. The first half was undecided and both teams went on a break with 13:13. In the second half, however, HSV Hamburg showed why they are still the reigning German Champions, and won the half by 4 goals, winning also the game by goals.In the other games that are to be played in the following days, the attention is on Rhein-Neckar Lowen who are hosting the most pleasant surprise this season, MT Melsungen, currently on the 2nd position in the Bundesliga. ← Previous Story AG Copenhagen’s duo resigns – M.Andersson is the only one! Next Story → SEHA: Round 4 review TSV Hannover-BurgdorfTV Großwallstadt07.10.19:45 TV 05/07 HüttenbergSC Magdeburg08.10.20:15 VfL GummersbachTBV Lemgo09.10.17:30 HBW Balingen-WeilstettenTHW Kiel05.10.20:15 Rhein-Neckar LöwenMT Melsungen08.10.19:00 Füchse BerlinTuS N-Lübbecke05.10.20:15 Eintracht HildesheimFrisch Auf Göppingen09.10.17:30 SG Flensburg-HandewittHSG Wetzlar08.10.19:00 read more

Wilbek invites Olafur Stefansson to work as a coach

Ulrik Wilbek knows who big handball person is Olaffur Stefansson (39). Since he stayed out of the contract with AG Copenhagen, fantastic Icelander has received an offer from the Danish head-coach, who will have a new function in DAnish Handball Federation – Sports manager from October 1. He will help U19 Danish NT.– – I had a meeting with Olafur Stefansson, and the first step in our little cooperation is that he must help our u19 team with coach Claus Hansen during 44 weeks – says Ulrik Wilbek to DHF’s website.Wilbek has strong faith in capabilites of fantastic right back:– Olafur must come up with all the ideas he has. When I chose him is because he is in my opinion, is the world’s smartest handball player and one of the best – says Wilbek. danish handball federationhandball coachOlafur StefanssonUlrik Wilbek ← Previous Story Ulrik Wilbek is the new DHF sports manager Next Story → Johan Sjostrand in Aalborg – Now, Neergaard has to find a new team! read more

Eduarda Amorim to stay in Gyor

However, one of the legendary Gyori players, Aniko Kovacsics (24) is close to sign for the biggest Gyor’s rival – FTC. ← Previous Story RK Borac Banja Luka accept resignation of Boris Dvoršek Next Story → PROMISED LAND: Norwegian wing Magnus Jondal to Danish GOG The Brazilian star and one of the most powerful players in women’s handball, Eduarda Amorim, will stay in Hungarian Gyor according to Hungarian media. The 30-years old shooter should extend contract with EHF Champions League winners from 2013 and 2014 which is going to expire next summer.Brazilian girl playing in Hungary since 2009.Amorim’s career: eduarda amorim 2002–20042004–20062006–20092009–Metodista/São BernardoUSCS/São CaetanoKometal SkopjeGyőri Audi ETO KC read more


DINAMO BUCHAREST:IRIMUS 14 saves, GRIGORAS 1 save, MAKARIA 1 save (7m shot)  – RAPCIUGA, RAGOT 1, DIAW 2, ASOLTANEI 6, MIRONESCU, SAVENCO 2, BĂLUȚ, SANDRU 2, CAMPAN 2, VANCEA, ZULFIC 3, VRANKOVIC 6, MOUSAVI 1.7 Meters: 6/3 – all by ZULFIC. Missed 3: ZULFIC 2 and  ASOLTANEI 1.2 Minutes suspensions: 2; SANDRU 2’, CAMPAN 2’.CATALIN NEGREANU ← Previous Story Igor Vori to PPD Zagreb Next Story → Kadetten extend domination in Switzerland CSM BUCHAREST:IANCU 6 saves (3 from 7 meters shots), BLAZEVIC 9 saves – MILOSEVIC 7, SIMOVIC, MILITARU, MOJSOVSKI, STAVROSITU, CONSTANTINESCU, RAPCIUGA, HUMET 6, KOSTADINOVIC 3, MARJANAC 3, NEGRU 7, ROTARU, UNGUREANU, STAMATE 1.7 Meters: 6/5 – all 5 scored by NEGRU. Missed 1: NEGRU.2 Minutes suspensions: 3; HUMET – 2’, MARJANAC 2’, STAMATE 2’. CSM BUCHAREST – DINAMO BUCHAREST 27-25 (13-11)The second leg of the Romanian League’s Finals was nothing short of moments from a Hollywood drama. Both teams went back and forth on the scoreboard: there was plenty of beautiful goals, spectacular fastbreaks and fantastic saves by the goalkeepers. In the end, it was CSM, with a stronger overall performance, who managed to have the upper hand and tied the score at 1-1.After the smashing victory in the first game (34-20), DINAMO started the game as favorites, but this time they faced a much stronger and determined opponent, as CSM had the power to put the humiliation behind and proved they can still play some great handball.This time, the Red Bulldogs of DINAMO could not come even close to the outstanding performance they had in the first match. Their defense was weaker and in many moments unfocused, while the 9 meters line could not repeat the perfect team work they had on game one and, instead, they preferred individual solutions which had little success. The pressure of being so close to a new championship title seemed too big for some players who could not find their pace, took bad decisions in key moments or rushed to shoot at the wrong time.On the other hand, the Blue Tigers of CSM looked motivated, their defense was focused and much stronger, while in attack their combinations gave many clear opportunities for the 9 meters line. Both of their goalkeepers had a great day, pulling out the magic hat some miraculous saves, including blocking no less than three 7 meters shots in the second half!For the record, it must also be said that “Lady Luck” had also a strong word in the final outcome of this game, as DINAMO hit the post no less than 6 times, while for CSM many deflected or semi-blocked shots found their way into the back of the net with a lot of chance. In the split seconds of crunching time the luck was always on CSM’s side…but it was part of the show!Overall, it was more DINAMO who lost the game than it was CSM who won it! The Red Bulldogs looked in control at the start and had the scoreboard advantage until the 25th minute. But then, with some bad decisions in attack and some mistakes in defense, they lost in just a few minutes everything they worked so hard for and it was the Blue Tigers who finished the first half with the upper hand: 13-11 for CSM!The second half was a battle of the nerves. Still, CSM was more focused, stayed very strong in defense and took the best decisions at the right moments. DINAMO showed more fighting spirit, got some steals in defense and managed to level the game in the 35th minute: 16-16.  The Red Bulldogs even took the advantage after scoring three consecutive fastbreak goals: 17-18 in the 41st minute and, for a little while, it seemed that it was going to be a title awarding ceremony after the second game.But CSM had a different idea and the last 18 minutes were really dramatic. The Blue Tigers did not give up, came ahead on the board and always stayed one goal in advantage. The two teams went head to head until the 52nd minute when CSM had a steal, went on a fastbreak and scored: 25-23. It was the decisive moment of the game. The time was running out for DINAMO and the pressure made them commit too many mistakes on both ends of the court. When The Red Bulldogs missed a 7 meters shot in the 57th minute it was clear for everybody that it was not their lucky day. The match ended 27-25 for CSM who managed to push the finals into a decisive match.The thriller goes on and the last game of these spectacular finals will be Monday, 30th  May on DINAMO’s home court.Score evolution: 2-4 7th minute; 6-8 15th min; 9-9 20th min; 9-11 25th minute; 13-11 half time; 16-14 35th min; 19-19 44th min; 23-22 50th min; 26-24 55th min; final: 27-25. CSM BucharestDinamo BucharestFinalsRomania read more

VRANJES BEAT MACHULLA Veszprem win derby over Flensburg

← Previous Story Kristian Bjornsen extends with HSG Wetzlar until 2021 Next Story → Pick Szeged win away clash in Arena Zagreb Despite fantastic performance of Mattias Andersson, SG Flensburg Handewitt couldn’t avoid defeat in Veszprem against the old rivals led by their legend, former player and coach Ljubomir Vranjes. At the end, Telekom Veszprem won 28:27 (15:14) even Germans had +4, 23:19 in 46th minute. However, they couldn’t earn the first victory on Veszprem’s court since 2001.The crucial role took Veszprem’s playmaker Mate Lekai, who netted some important goals, nine in total, to become a hero of the match.;Telekom Veszprém – SG Flensburg-Handewitt 28:27 (15:14)Telekom Veszprém: Mikler (5 saves), Alilovic (10 saves) – Schuch, Ilic (1), Nilsson (2), Nagy (8), Ugalde (2), Marguc (1), Terzic, Gajic, Sulic (1), Blagotinsek (3), Tönnesen (1), Lekai (9), Manaskov, AccambraySG Flensburg-Handewitt: Andersson (19 saves) – Karlsson (1), Glandorf (2), Mogensen (4), Svan (5), Wanne (4), Jeppsson, Heinl, Zachariassen, Toft Hansen (4), Lauge (3), Mahé (2/1), Rød (2) read more

IBECs wish list Stop public sector pay increments increase working hours

first_imgIRISH BUSINESS REPRESENTATIVE group IBEC has called for the immediate suspension of public sector pay increments, stating it is “not credible” to sanction the payments when a €3.5 billion adjustment is needed in the upcoming Budget.IBEC said it is also making the calls to stop the €200 million annual increments “given the Government’s failure to achieve any significant savings to the allowances bill.”Speaking ahead of the group’s HR Leadership Summit in Dublin today, director Brendan McGinty claimed “the country simply cannot afford public sector pay rises”, adding that “we’re spending €1 billion more that we’re taking in each month”.The director said the measure can be “legitimately pursued” under clause 1.28 of the Croke Park deal, which states that “implementation of this agreement is subject to no currently unforeseen budgetary deterioration.”Savings will “need to be found elsewhere”, McGinty added, before putting forward suggestions for increased working hours, a reform of the allowances system and an adjustment of pension entitlements.“Another €3.5 billion adjustment in Budget 2013 is required and the bulk of this should come from reducing expenditure, not raising taxes. This is less damaging to jobs and recovery.”IBEC says recent recommendations by the Labour Court setting a minimum 34-hour week for local authority staff “simply did not go far enough”. In relation to the allowances system, the group wants to see management proposals discussed with public service unions and, if disputed, put to independent arbitration by the end of the year.It also believes that the Government will have to consider adjusting pension entitlements for serving public sector workers – and not just new recruits – as the current pensions liability is “simply unaffordable”.Meanwhile, the Committee of Public Accounts is to examine the Public Service Reform Plan when it meets with Minister Brendan Howlin later this morning.The Oireachtas committee will also receive a briefing on the work of the Implementation Body of the Croke Park Agreement.Chairman John McGuinness said the hearing offers an opportunity to examine the progress report in detail and consider how the public sector is changing “in the way it is organised, in the way people are managed and in the way money is spent.”The key issues to be discussed in the meeting are what savings are already being achieved, what savings are envisaged and what targets are in place. The PAC will also ask how are front-line services being affected as a result of certain savings.Hayes: Public sector salaries over €100k have to be looked atCroke Park Agreement: Where do the political parties stand?last_img read more

84 per cent of travellers unemployed

first_imgUNEMPLOYMENT IN THE Irish Traveller community was 84.3 per cent in 2011, up from 74.9 per cent five years earlier, according to the latest census figures.Out of a total workforce of 9,973, 86.6 per cent of the men and 81.2 per cent of the women were out of work.There are 29,573 members of the Travelling community in Ireland, accounting for just over half of one per cent (0.6 per cent) of the Irish population. Co Galway has the highest number of travellers, with 2,467 members, while Waterford has the lowest. 152 travellers live in the county.Other key findings of the census found that: The average age of Irish Travellers is 22.4 compared to 36.1 for the general populationOne per cent of Travellers (115) went to third level education in 2011 compared with 30.7 per cent overall27 per cent of Traveller women had five or more children compared with 2.6 per cent of women overall17.5 per cent of Travellers have one or more disabilities compared with 13 per cent in the state as a wholeHogan ‘pandering to prejudice’ says Travellers advocacy group>last_img read more

54 million selfdriving cars to be on the roads by 2035

first_imgDESPITE THE FIRST self-driving car having yet to arrive, it’s expected that when the first ones arrive in 2020, the public will quickly adapt to them.A new report from IHS Automotive predicts that 54 million autonomous vehicles, including vehicles which allow both driver and autonomous control, will be on the roads worldwide by 2035.It’s also estimated that the total worldwide sales of self-driving cars will grow from nearly 230,000 in 2025 to 11.8 million in 2035.Globally, North America will have the largest amount of self-driving cars in 2035 with 29 per cent, or nearly 3.5 million vehicles. China will make up 24 per cent, or more than 2.8 million vehicles, while Western Europe will account for 20 per cent, or 2.4 million vehicles.By 2050, it’s expected that nearly all vehicles in use will be either self-driving cars or self-driving commercial vehicles.The report says that there will be “several benefits” to this development, for both drivers and pedestrians. As the number of self-driving cars enter the market, the accident rate will decrease to “near zero” although the report accounts for manually-driven cars crashing into them as this process changes.It also says that traffic and air pollution will fall since the cars’ driving patterns will be programmed to be more efficient.The first batch of self-driving cars will start off with limited capabilities, allowing the vehicle full control under certain traffic and environmental conditions and includes auto-pilot for highway travel and parking.Read: Ford reveals its first self-driving research car >Read: McLaren aims to replace windscreen wipers with sound waves >last_img read more

Poll Should PE be an exam subject

first_imgYesNoI’m not sureVote Poll Results: No (2818) RESEARCH PUBLISHED YESTERDAY revealed that most secondary school teachers believe their students’ level of fitness should be tested regularly.Experts have expressed concern about the amount of exercise young people in Ireland are getting, but it has been argued that having exams to assess physical education could distract students’ focus away from their academic subjects.We want to know what you think: Should PE be an exam subject in secondary schools?center_img Yes (1296) I’m not sure (1160)last_img read more

VIDEO Your weekend movies Dallas Buyers Club

first_imgWHICH NEW MOVIE release is worth the price of a cinema ticket this weekend?We’re here to help you decide just that, with these trailers.Robocop(CBMTrailers/YouTube)For fans of: Robots, copsAvoid if: You’re hoping this isn’t the futureFor those who didn’t get on the Robocop train the first time around, here’s an updated version of the tech tale. Starring trusty Gary Oldman alongside Samuel Jackson, it looks at what happens when a man who nearly dies in a bomb attack is turned part-robot, and sent to fight crime in Detroit. RottenTomatoes.com critics’ rating: 76 per cent. Audience rating:  53 per centThe Dallas Buyer’s Club(JoBlo.com/YouTube)For fans of: Matthew McConaughey’s transformationAvoid if:You’re anti drugsMatthew McConaughey plays a fast-living cowboy who’s diagnosed with HIV and told he has very little time to live. So what does he do? Tracks down drug treatment by legal and illegal means, and creates a very popular ‘buyers’ club’. Based on the true-life story of Ron Woodroof. RottenTomatoes.com critics’ rating: none yet. Audience rating:  98 per cent want to seeThe Invisible Woman(Cieon Movies/YouTube)For fans of: Dickens, adulteryAvoid if: You thought Dickens was a nice ol’ chapRalph Fiennes plays Charles Dickens, and directs this film about Dickens’ marriage and adulterous relationship with a teenager. Nelly, the ‘invisible woman’, remains his lover for 13 years – until his death – but what does that mean for both of them?center_img RottenTomatoes.com critics’ rating: 93 per cent. Audience rating: 92 per centlast_img read more

Dublin City Council back in court over Priory Hall debacle

first_imgFor the past 18 months Dublin City Council has attempted to do just that and the appeal on 9 May will be the culmination of a year and a half of sleepless nights and a constant limbo for families who cannot plan for their futures.Residents also criticised Environment Minister Phil Hogan for “sitting on the sidelines” while they are “dragged through the courts again”.“This Government has turned its back on the entirely blameless families, who were the victims of a building regime that protected developers instead of homeowners and enabled rogue builders to construct death traps like Priory Hall. The local authority failed to do its job and Minister Hogan appears to believe that this failure falls outside his remit.”Residents have been working with their mortgage lenders and other stakeholders to examine possible solutions but as the resolution process continues, there is some despair about a perceived lack of urgency.One proposed solution would be for the banks to move home loans from Priory Hall properties to other habitable houses or apartments.Spokesperson Graham Usher said that would be “certainly something the residents would look at”.“It is now highly unlikely that anyone will return to Priory Hall,” he told TheJournal.ie. “We need to find a permanent solution as we cannot pay mortgages on homes we cannot live in.”New rules on buildings hope to avoid repeat of Priory Hall disasterMinister for housing says ex-residents of Priory Hall are ‘in a dreadful situation’Priory Hall: ‘The Tenements of the Boom’ THE SUPREME COURT will hear arguments from Dublin City Council this week for why it should not be forced to pay for the temporary accommodation for all 256 displaced residents of Priory Hall.The High Court had ordered the local authority to cover the costs while the homeowners were unable to return to their properties but DCC wishes to absolve itself of the responsibility.The Donaghmede complex was completely evacuated in October 2011 over severe fire safety concerns. No remedial works have been carried out since. The developer Tom McFeely has claimed he cannot afford to fix the defects, while Dublin City Council – which owns 26 of the apartments – believes it should not be responsible for all buildings.The appeal is due to be heard on Thursday.The residents’ support group say parents with small children face the prospect of uprooting their families “because the system failed them”.“As the President of the High Court Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns put it at the time, Dublin City Council had ‘put a torpedo into Priory Hall and the collateral damage was the dislocation of 250 people who lived there’,” the group said in a statement. “He stated that he ‘did not understand how the city council could say they had no responsibility for them’ and that it ‘beggared belief that they could wash their hands of the consequences’.last_img read more

Bonfires being used to cover up illegal dumping

first_imgBONFIRES ARE BEING used to cover up illegal dumping in the Finglas Ballymun area, a local political activist has said.One resident from the Balcurris Green area of Ballymun said he has contacted Dublin City Council to clean the area up on a number of occasions and within days of it being cleaned it is “back to square one”.These pictures taken in the Balcurris area highlight the scale of the problem, said David Costello, Fianna Fáil local area representative for Finglas/Ballymun (pictured):Pic: David CostelloPic: David CostelloCostello told TheJournal.ie:These fires are being lit at night time and attract all kinds of antisocial behaviour in the area. It’s hard to believe that people will light fires in public places to dispose of their rubbish. It’s even harder to believe that they will do it on their neighbours’ doorsteps.He said that Finglas and Ballymun have seen a “dramatic increase” in illegal dumping since the abolition of the bin waiver scheme in 2012.Based on figures given by the Area Manager at the local area committee meeting in November 2012 there has been a 360 per cent increase in the cost of dealing with illegal dumping since 2010 in the Finglas/Ballymun area, said Costello.Costello is calling on Dublin city council and the Department of the Environment to establish a taskforce to look at the issue of the bin waiver scheme ending in the area.Dublin City Council recently set up a pilot group to examine the issue of illegal dumping in the capital’s north inner city area. It hopes to submit a full report by the end of this summer, but has already recommended to the council that street cleaning be suspended in some of the litter ‘blackspots’ to try and discourage illegal dumping.CCTVIn June of 2012, DCC was asked by a member of the Central Area Committee, Councillor Cieran Perry, about mobile CCTV cameras and if they were available to monitor illegal dumping.He was told by the Public Domain Officer that the Central Area Office had been using a company to fit mobile cameras to lampposts to monitor illegal dumping at known dumping blackspots. The company owned the cameras and was also responsible for viewing the footage, taking out the relevant details and passing them on to the litter wardens.However, it transpired that “a lot of the footage was of no use as it showed a person that could not be identified” even though they were filmed dropping a bag and walking away. If a vehicle registration was found, this could be used however.Councillor Perry said that the council needs to have good evidence if taking someone to court over illegal dumping, but he feels that it would be worth putting CCTV in place in certain areas to deter illegal dumpers.Cllr Perry said he also feels that councillors should be informed about the council’s position on CCTV, and its ability to put CCTV in place.The only thing is – if the quality isn’t acceptable in a court of law there’s no real point expending the type of money involved. CCTV would be a deterrent, it may displace anti-social behaviour or dumping. There is a point to be argued that even displacing it is some sort of impact.A spokesperson from DCC said it uses CCTV cameras to capture footage of litter offences where a vehicle is used. CCTV cameras are battery operated.The council said that it is not possible to provide a figure for illegal dumping alone, as Section 3 offences also include articles deposited from a vehicle and flyers deposited in a public place, but the vast majority of offences are for bags of waste deposited in a public place.In total, 1471 fines were issued under Section 3 of the Litter Pollution Acts in 2012.Read: City Council ‘will spend €250- €300k to dispose of illegal rubbish’>Read: 271 fined for illegal dumping in Dublin’s inner city since December>last_img read more

Opinion Once there were artists entrepreneurs and everyone else on the sidelines

first_imgONCE UPON A time, there were people who became artists and writers and entrepreneurs, and then there was everyone else who watched from the sidelines. People who worked in banks and hospitals and estate agents and supermarkets. People who made career decisions at 16 or 17; who put aside creative aspirations or entrepreneurial tendencies in favour of a more practical college course or a potentially stable career.Some of this is down to lack of encouragement – the career guidance counsellor who says “Now, painting pictures isn’t really a job, but what about accounting?” And some of it is common sense. Lots of people have a creative side, but not everyone can make a career of it. And if we did, there’d be no accountants or nurses or teachers or bus drivers left to buy the books and the paintings. Or to teach the kids and drive the buses.Then everything changedBut still. It means there were many people who chose certain paths, and in doing so, quenched any possibility of following a passion. A product not invented, a book not written.Then, along came the internet. And everything changed.Suddenly, aspiring artists could photograph their paintings and sell them online. Secret bakers could set up kitchen businesses and sell cakes on Facebook. Talented crafters could open Etsy shops. Kitchen-table novelists could self-publish e-books. The technically gifted could invent multi-million-dollar apps (I want that talent).Today, everyone has a shot – the playing field has, to an extent, been levelled.Flexing a creative muscleAnd it’s not just about sales and money making: it’s about venting; airing a talent; flexing a creative muscle.Hesitant writers can start a blog – try it out, see what fits, tell nobody until there’s something to tell. Wannabe photographers can showcase their art on Instagram. The interior designer that never was can nurture boards on Pinterest. The film-maker whose day job is waiting tables or balancing books can post her own short-films on YouTube.The ones who made itAnd if you work really (really) hard at it, you might just succeed like these household names, who all started out with a laptop and an internet connection:Justin Bieber began his career in 2008 by uploading videos of himself singing R&B songs onto YouTube. He was discovered seven months later by Scooter Braun who became his manager, and by 2012 he had sold 15 million albums and had been named by Forbes as the third most powerful celebrity in the world. Known as the world’s first social media superstar, he now he has 51 million followers on Twitter – eleven times the population of Ireland. And he’s still only twenty years old. So if you can sing, forget The Voice – get on to You Tube quick. Source: James Moy Photography/Press Association ImagesThe Huffington Post was started as a blog and online newspaper by Arianna Huffington in 2005. Now owned by AOL, who bought it for $315m, it won a Pulitzer prize in 2012. And with 2.4 million Facebook fans and 4 million Twitter followers, it remains one of the most prolific news blogs in the world.AirBnB, the global accommodation website that was in the news recently with plans to double its workforce in Ireland, was started by founder Brian Chesky and his flatmate Joe Gebbia when they couldn’t afford their rent. They began hosting paying guests on airbeds in their San Francisco apartment, and providing home-cooked breakfasts. Their website which enables users worldwide to do the same, now features more than half a million listings and is on track to become the largest hotelier in the world. It is said to be valued at about $10 billion.Fifty Shades of Grey author EL James started out writing fan-fiction on her own website, and then self-published her very famous novel as an e-book and on a print-to-order basis when she couldn’t find a mainstream publisher. She has now sold 70 million copies world-wide.Mark Zuckerberg‘s story is the one everybody knows – he started Facebook in his dorm while at Harvard, and it went on to become the multi-million user, multi-billion dollar social network it is today. Zuckerberg at just 30, has a net worth of $19bn according to Forbes. And Facebook has 1.2 billion active users every month. Zuckerberg literally changed how millions of people interact with one another, from his college dorm.Of course, launching an online shop or a blog or an internet business doesn’t automatically mean that success and fame are just around the corner. The competition is as tough as ever, and the most talented will always rise to the top. But now more people can at least enter the race. Even if it’s not a race. Even if it’s just nurturing a little creativity, letting off a little steam.Now excuse me while I go to work on my multi-million dollar app.Andrea Mara has three small kids, one tall husband and one office job. She writes at OfficeMum.ie about being a parent, being a mother working outside the home, being a woman in the workplace. She’s just trying to keep her balance. Follow her tweets@office_mum or on Facebook.Read: What is the psychological impact of spending so much time in cyberspace? > Read: A new drug trade is hiding in the underbelly of the internet >last_img read more

GeneticallyModified Mosquitoes Infiltrate The Cayman Islands

first_imgScientist recently released several batches of genetically-modified sterile male mosquitoes into the wilds of the Cayman Islands. This test release aims to reduce the overall population of the famously mosquito-rich isles by allowing the sterile Romeos to mate with the local females, thus reducing offspring in subsequent generations.This test is specifically being employed to fight Dengue Fever, a potentially fatal mosquito-born disease that causes 50 million cases every year. There is no treatment or vaccine. AdChoices广告The altered mosquitoes were created by British-based Oxitec Limited. From May through October, scientists released various waves of blank-shooting mosquitos into a 40-acre region of the islands. By August there had already been an 80% decrease in the mosquito population as compared to adjacent control areas.Sounds good, right? But not everyone agrees.“If we remove an insect like the mosquito from the ecosystem, wedon’t know what the impact will be,” said Pete Riley, campaign directorof GM Freeze, a British non-profit group that opposes geneticmodification.“Mosquito larvae might be food for otherspecies, which could starve if the larvae disappear. Or taking out adultmosquito predators might open up a slot for other insect species toslide in, potentially introducing new diseases.”IMHO while there have been no long-term research on the effects ofgenetically-modified products, there has also been no concrete scientific proof ofadverse effects. Furthermore, local governments around the world already take steps to use (often toxic) pesticides to control mosquito populations and the ecosystems haven’t so much as blinked. I’m a big fan of the book and movie Jurassic Park–but we shouldn’t allow it to effect public health policy without concrete scientific proof to tell us otherwise. Work like this could potentially save lives and livelihoods.image vialast_img read more

Namco Bandai release Ridge Racer 3D gameplay footage

first_imgAs the release date of the 3DS gets ever nearer, develoeprs are starting to release more footage of the games we can expect to see on, or soon after launch.Racing fans will want to see Ridge Racer 3D in action, and Namco Bandai hasn’t disappointed with a 2 minute gameplay video appearing online today.AdChoices广告Although we can’t view it in 3D, the important thing to note here is how fast the game is running and the detail of the backgrounds, models, and effects. We have to admit, it’s looking pretty good and lives up to the screenshots we saw last month.The game moves along at a fast pace, the environments and models are detailed, and there’s even a few effects in there for spray and debris on the screen.I decided that my launch day game was going to be Pilotwings Resort 3D, but if more videos start appearing as good as this one, I might be putting down a few more pre-orders.via CVGlast_img read more

Opera cofounder leaves over differences with board

first_imgWhen it comes to desktop Web browsers, Opera has always been an underdog. But with innovation and being first as a driving force, it became a popular alternative with a loyal fanbase — especially abroad, where Opera is among the top two browsers in certain countries.The story is quite different when speaking of mobile and embedded browsers. In those two areas, Opera is a force to be reckoned with. Opera Mini is still the world’s most popular mobile web browser, though its market share dipped slightly as Android began rising in popularity in 2010. Opera is also found on the Nintendo Wii and DS, as well as some set-top boxes.AdChoices广告A big part of those successes has been the vision of co-founder Jon von Tetzchner, though his time in Oslo will soon come to an end. In a joint statement, he and the Opera board of directors have announced that June 30th will be the former CEO’s last day with the company.While the official press release is understandably reserved, certain sources have have tipped that von Tetzchner was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the board’s focus on quarterly results. Current CEO Lars Boilesen has his sights set on half a billion users by 2013, so he’s obviously plenty concerned with Opera’s monthly market share standings — which have remained stagnant for the past several months.As for his next move, there are “ideas about new projects” to be worked on, but no specifics have been revealed yet. July 1 is almost upon us, however, so it won’t be long before we hear want the former founding father of Opera has up his sleeve.via Operalast_img read more

Eyeson the Kindle Fire and three new Kindle readers

first_imgHaving attended Amazon’s NYC event today I had a chance to get up close and personal with the new Kindles. Amazon wasn’t letting anyone go hands-on with the Kindle Fire, but we got to see it in action, in addition to seeing the Kindle Touch models get demoed. Below there is a full gallery of the most exciting of the bunch, the Kindle Fire tablet, and above that is a video of Jeff Bezos announcing it.In addition to the Kindle Fire, three new E Ink Kindles were announced. Two of these have touch and the last is the $79 Kindle with Special Offers. These were exciting enough on their own, but they didn’t get close to the buzz around the Fire, with its use of Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), Amazon’s Silk browser, and 7-inch (full color) IPS display.While we couldn’t use the Fire, we do know that it’s quite thin, has a single microUSB port, has no expandable storage, has 8GB of on-board storage, and has a 1024×600 display. It’s powered by a 1GHz dual-core TI OMAP4 processor. Interestingly, it does not have 3G, GPS, or any cameras. We won’t know the real battery life for some time, but Amazon estimates it to be 8 hours.The only hardware note that you can’t take from the pictures is that there is a soft-touch, (rubbery) back coating.As for new Kindles, they are very much an evolution of the Kindle design. They are, on the whole, smaller, lighter and faster than previous models, and two of them (finally) have touch-sensitive screens. In the video above you can see the Kindle Touch being typed on. The models don’t look particularly different from what we’ve already seen, though they do pack some cool features, like Kindle X-Ray. This loads Kindle books with background information, such as Wikipedia pages for certain key terms. So when you want to look something up you don’t need a 3G connection or WiFi to get the information.The touch-sensitive Kindles understand swipes and taps and have target zones for commands like “next page”. There is an on-screen keyboard that seems reasonably responsive and like a much better option (or at least a more efficient one) than a hardware keyboard.The Kindles start at $79 for the non-touch Kindle with Special Offers (advertising). The ad-free version of this will sell for $109. The Kindle Touch WiFi is $99, or $139 without Special Offers. The Kindle Touch 3G is $149 and $189 without the Special Offers package.The Touch Kindles will be available on November 21st.Kindle Fire (home angle 1)Kindle Fire (home angle 1)Kindle Fire (hand)Amazon Kindle FireAmazon Kindle FireAmazon Kindle FireAmazon Kindle FireAmazon Kindle FireAmazon Kindle FireAmazon Kindle FireAmazon Kindle FireAmazon Kindle FireAmazon Kindle FireAmazon Kindle FireAmazon Kindle FireAmazon Kindle FireAmazon Kindle Firelast_img read more

Microsoft turns Flash on by default for Windows 8 and Windows RT

first_imgSince the launch of Windows 8 and Windows RT, users haven’t had wide-open access to Adobe Flash content on the web. Microsoft had opted to restrict Flash playback to certain sites that it believed to offer an acceptable “Windows experience for touch.”That’s changed today, with Microsoft announcing that Flash playback will now be switched on by default for Internet Explorer 10 on both Windows 8 and Windows RT. The change applies to both the immersive and desktop versions of IE10 On Windows 8. Additionally, the IE10 desktop browser on Windows 8 will play all Flash content by default.Other versions of Internet Explorer 10 will follow a new list. While most content should just play, certain sites that are known to be incompatible will be blacklisted. Microsoft says it’s a small list, but doesn’t offer any specifics. If you happen to stumble across a site that streams video using Flash and it doesn’t work, you’ll know you found an IE10 blacklist entry.One reason Microsoft cites for making the change now is that web developers have clearly been working hard to make sure their Flash-based apps are working well with Windows 8. Fewer than 4% of the thousands of domains that Microsoft tests for compatibility are still causing issues just six months after the Windows 8 retail launch.It’s an interesting about-face. Microsoft was accused of trying to put the final nail in the Flash coffin last October, since its whitelisting approach had the potential to create a content delivery nightmare for sites that weren’t quite as well-known as Disney or ESPN. Now, it turns out that Microsoft wants to make sure that more of the web “just works” with Windows 8.last_img read more

Hands on with Mario Kart 8 and Wind Waker HD for the

first_imgNintendo’s E3 presentation was nonexistent when compared to Sony and Microsoft, but a couple of the games they announced are already in ready to play states so we went hands on.Rather than have a big press event at E3 this year, Nintendo opted to take their demo experience out of the convention center and into the hands of people who could already buy a console or pre-order the games they just played. Select Best Buy locations around the US offered a few users a chance to play. We stopped by and took a look at Mario Kart 8 and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for the Wii U.First up is Mario Kart 8. From the title menu, Mario Kart fans will enjoy the HD boost to the game. Everything looks fantastic, and still feels very familiar. Choose your character, choose your track, and you’re good to go.The demo was limited to two players, one on the Gamepad and one on the WiiMote. The Gamepad could either be used to steer with the controls or with the gyroscope in the pad. The size of the Gamepad lends itself well to steering, especially for Mario Kart users who prefer to stick their WiiMotes in the plastic steering wheel for a more comfortable feel when they play. The added driving modes, like driving up the wall and ramping so high that you deploy a hang glider, all feel like natural additions to the game. Mario Kart fans have a lot to be excited about here.If you were a fan of the original The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, you’re really going to enjoy this HD remake. It’s not enough to make you buy a Wii U if you don’t already have one, but it looks very nice and was very comfortable to play on the Gamepad.The controls are always available on screen, while the display on the controller gives you a look at things like inventory and occasionally just a textured background with red text that says “look at the TV”. For the actual gameplay, it feels very much like the original Wind Waker. This isn’t as cool as, say, an actual new Zelda title, but the combination of nostalgia and desire to see this game in HD will likely be enough to drive both new and old fans to pick it up.The big question is whether or not Nintendo’s strategy worked. At the Best Buy I went to, there was quite the crowd. It was clear that the staff was not anticipating a crowd this size, and many people were willing to stand in line for hours just to get a few minutes with these games. I didn’t see anyone walking out of the store with a Wii U, however, and people walking around the store who didn’t already know about the event didn’t see any reason to hang around and ask questions or learn about the console itself.last_img read more

Totally legit dentist trying to clone John Lennon using his teeth

first_imgPerhaps adding more fuel to the comparison between the Beatles and Jesus, dentist Michael Zuk aims to clone John Lennon using one of Lennon’s own teeth, thus resurrecting the Beatles legend similar to how a certain savior was also resurrected.Zuk has teamed up with scientists in order to decode John Lennon’s DNA from one of his teeth, stating that if scientists think they can clone Mammoths from DNA, then John Lennon could be next. A couple of years ago, Zuk actually purchased one of Lennon’s teeth — in what was apparently a creepy item auction — for the grand sum of $30,000. Zuk has not yet revealed details regarding the plan to resurrect Lennon, but his enthusiasm does appear to make this endeavor a real thing that is happening in real life.While the tooth was still inside a live John Lennon’s mouth, it was rotting and pulled. He gave the tooth to his housekeeper back in the 1960s. From there, it lived a wondrous life for something that usually goes into the garbage: it traveled the UK on a cancer awareness tour, and made an appearance in various other charity events.Whether or not Michaek Zuk will be able to resurrect John Lennon from the dead and in a form mostly dissimilar to a zombie — and subsequently resurrect screaming fangirls from around the world — remains to be seen. However, it’s great to know that someone out there is trying to sequence dead musicians’ DNA. Check out the webpage dedicated to the project for more information.last_img read more